Saturday, 9 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me // Tag

Hello my lovelies!

So, its been a while since I started my blog and I thought it would be most appropriate if I gave you a little insight into the world of Dannie! haha! This tag has been going around for a couple of days now so I thought I would jump onto the bandwaggon and show you a bit about me! LETS GO!!!

1) You will never see me without some sort of lipstick on

2) If I know I've gotten a text through I have to answer it straight away otherwise I feel anxious. (Not quite sure why)

3) My cat is like my best friend.... although I do have human friends she just seems to hit the top spot.... (YES I KNOW I WILL BE 50 WITH 100 CATS)

4) I measure up at 5 ft 11" in height and yes I still wear 5" heels out clubbing, because I love my height and the taller you are the skinnier you look is my theory!

5) I have always been really curvy, even as a baby I had big hips people said it looked funny because babies don't usually have figures!

6) I got bullied all through out junior school for being tall and being German.

7) You will never catch me in a pair of trousers/leggings, I will only wear dresses, skirts or shorts. (unless im going to dancing or work)

8) I have a little bit of an obsession with the french/shabby chic theme as you can tell if you walk into my bedroom!

9) 9 is my lucky number (how appropriate!)

10) 50% of the time I will have some sort of cold, I have such a rubbish immune system!

11) I love to bathe! That's why i spend half my wages on lush goodies! whoops!

12) I was born and bred in Aachen Germany.

13) I have moved countless times, I have lived in Germany, Holland and England but moving back and forth to each country for 8 years!

14) Im not one for liking all sorts of bands I just tend to stick to whats on the radio.

15) You will hardly ever catch me watching TV I only watch it when someone else is, I hardly ever watch it alone. Yet I watch a lot of movies.


17) I cant deal with people who say that hate something when they haven't even tried it!

18) As hinted at before, I dance!

19) 9 times out of 10 I will be wearing nail polish, i hate the look of my natural nails!


21) Im allergic to mushrooms

22) All the films by MARVEL are my favorites especially Iron man, all the xmen films and captain america

23) Although Im very girly, I HATE soppy lovey dovey romcoms erh give me a bucket

24) I also hate horror films

25) You will hardly ever catch me cleaning my make-up brushes, I am lazy and im not proud!

26) I dont read many books but when I do I will have to watch the movie version first so I can get into a book, is that strange?

27) I really love all the harry potter books and the first hunger games book ( It would be all 3 but I need to see the films first!)

28) I also love the film versions of all in number 27!

29) I hate hate hate hate hate it when people get off and of mixed up, their, they're and there mixed up and your and you're mixed up!

30) I hate text talk, It takes just as long to write properly.

31) My favorite perfume of all time is Coco Chanel No5.

32) Im not one to hate someone for no reason, If your nice to me im 100% going to bet a long with you.

33) Being a June baby im younger than all my friends which sucks cause their all 18 and going out and im all 17 and staying home with my cat :(

34) I love the Chinese/Japanese/Korean culture/people, I seem to have a thing for them, I don't know why I just seems to be more attracted to Asian people!

35) I have dyed my hair many times, I've been from brown, to burgundy to red to black to yellow to pink and now to blonde! Yet I don't have badly conditioned hair!

36) I hardly ever take my Pandora bracelet off the only time I will is when I go for a shower/bath!

37) I only own two MAC products, a paint pot and a pigment

38) I have no tattoos but 6 piercings

39) But I will be getting my tattoo on my 18th

40) I am the palest person you will probably meet I am even too pale for Nc10 and N1 in MAC!

41) I have a love/hate relationship with Milky bar giant buttons, they're so good but my God do I put on a pound each time I eat one!

42) I never drink ordinary Breakfast tea anymore, I only drink Green tea and occasionally White tea.

43) Green tea is my secret to never having spots! (Shh don't tell anyone!!)

44) Although I don't get spots, I suffer from hyper-pigmentation which makes it look like I have acne scars.

45) I hate my freckles on my face, they seem to fade in the winter which I love but in the Summer its like BAM in your face and I hate it!

46) I have always suffered with a lot of weight on my hips and thighs so I don't ever not wear tights because I am so self conscious of them!

47) I have a massive fobia of spiders, crains and death.

48) You can deffinatly woo me over with a jar of green olives...

49) I have a thing for guys who are in the forces, I don't know why.. maybe its because I know they have to be in shape... mmm...

50) I am a spitting image of my father who I haven't seen since I was 8

SO there you go! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me! And I hope you do this too so I can learn a bit more about you! Thank you for reading

Love Dannie xxx

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