Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Bath and Shower Routine!

Hello my lovelies,

I know its been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything! I've just been overwhelmingly busy with my youtube! But I promised myself I would blog more often, so here I am! Obviously by the title im going to show you all the products I use before, in and after my bath/shower so lets get started..

Before bath/shower

Before I hope into the shower or bath I obviously want to take my makeup off I like using the Johnson's face care daily essentials refreshing facial cleansing wipes (wow that's a mouth full!) I enjoy using these ones in particular as they aren't as harsh on my skin as other face wipes and their super wet which is a real plus for me! To take off my eye makeup I love love love the Lancomé Bi-facial just because it seems to get everything off with one swipe! And it doesn't sting! After all that I like to finish off with my trusty Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanse & Polish, this stuff is amazing its so creamy and lightweight I actually enjoy cleansing my face, its a pleasure to have on my skin. Thanks Liz! haha.

During bath/shower

As I have mentioned many many times before, this is my fave shampoo and conditioner Tresemmé Keratin smooth duo! I like to shampoo twice then leave the conditioner in for a good five minutes, during this time I wash and shave myself (forgot pictures!) I use the beautifully scented Soap and Glory Clean on me shower wash It makes my skin lovely and smooth and really hydrated!

After bath/shower

Once I am out of the bath/shower I pop my hair in a towel so it can partially dry, dry off my body and start with my body care. To moisturize my skin I use Johnson's body care 24h moisture extra-rich body lotion with added oil, as I have extremely dry skin this isn't enough moisture for me so I like to mix that body lotion with about 5 drops of the Coco skin vitamin E therapy oil it gives me a load of moisture and makes my skin so so soft! After I obviously put deodorant on as I want to prevent getting smelly especially if I have just showered. I use Soft & Gentle in melon, I like the smell and it does the job. (I don't want anything fancy on my pits anyway!) Once I have finished making myself all soft I like to moisturize my hands (as they like to crack a lot) I have been loving the smell of honey lately so I have been really enjoying the Boots own honey body butter its smells like heaven! (And it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my hands once ive rubbed it in.)

I then take my hair down from the towel and by this time its usually about 50% dry, I like using Got2b guardian angel heat protection spray as a detangeler as it does a fab job at making me hair super easy to brush through and I like the fact that I've got heat protection too! I then brush my hair out with my Tangle teezer this brush is the bees knees, you need it in your life! It makes brushing thick, long bushy hair 100000 times easier! After brushing I go onto oil I first put in a heavy oil at the ends I am currently using Mogadore hair oil it does the job but I do prefer the Macadamia oil I just like the price difference for the same volume of product the Mogadore is around £5.00 while the Macadamia is around £30.00 so there is a huge difference in price. After applying the heavy oil to the ends of my hair I like to give my roots a bit of oil as well and I am loving the Macadamia hair oil spray its really light to I can get away with spraying it all over!

And that's it! I don't do an awful lot but enough to keep my skin happy!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting my January favorites in a couple days so watch out for that!
Thanks for reading, post soon.
Love Dannie xxx


  1. I love this post, your blog is gorgeous dear <3333
    Love, Anna


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