Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bath time beauties

Since the colder weather has been slowly creeping up on us, I've been really into really relaxing baths at the dead of night, to wind me down ready for dream land. I have noticed there have been quite a few reoccurring products every time I want to have a wind down bath. So I thought id share them with you!

To prepare my bath I like to put the hot water on full blast and pour in a mix of two products; Radox bath smoothies in Sprit booster and the Soap and Glory calm one calm all bubble bath, I think the mix of these two products just gives a perfect amount of fruity scent of the Radox with balancing fragrance of the soap and glory. It mixes beautifully and gives a perfect amount of bubbles! soap and glory calm one calm all RRP: £9.99/Radox shower smoothie RRP: £3.99 

While I'm drowning my troubles away amongst the bubbles I love using the Soap and Glory Clean on me body wash, as it's a great shaving cream too! RRP: £9.99 I then usually pamper myself by giving myself a nice facial and one of my all time favourites is the Montage Jeunesse face mask in anti stress mud pack, it's got a lovely cologne smell and it really helps to get rid of any under the spots that I get on my skin, RRP: £0.99!!! To take that mask off once it's dried out I like to take my well loved Emma Hardie cleansing balm and give myself a quick face massage! RRP: £35.99.

Once I've finished splashing around, I smother myself in a lovely rich body butter and a great one for the summer time that I've been obsessed with is (again) Soap and glory body butter in Orangasm (rude!) but oh how luxurious this feels! RRP: £10.99. 

And that's about it really, nice simple products that really work well for me and really relaxes me after work!

Hope you enjoyed!
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Danielle xoxo

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Easy peasy cheesy pasta | Cook with me

Ok ok, we all know I am definatley no Marry Berry, but I do know a few quick and easy dishes that are perfect for students or just a lazy girlfriend like myself! This cheesy pasta is yummy and gooey just how I like it!

Ingredients and tools - 
(serves two!)
- To cups of gluten free pasta, I used penne as that's my favourite but spaghetti or tortalinies will work just as well.
- A medium sized sauce pan.
- Two handfuls of grated cheese, I'm using mature cheddar.
- Three table spoons of mayonnaise. 
- A tin of chopped tomatoes.
- A sprinkling of fine breadcrumbs.
- And a large dish suitable for going under the grill. 
Also don't forget to turn your grill or over onto 150•c (if your using an oven I suggest nudging up to 200.)

Process -
Obviously you want to start off by turning your oven on and then to cook your pasta (pretty simple). Once your pasta is cooked (takes around 10 minutes) drain the water and pop in your mayonnaise and tomatoes. To make sure it keeps warm I put the pot pack onto the hob on a low heat, once it's all mixed I add in 3/4ths of the cheese and mix it well. Now you can empty the pot into the ramekin and add on the rest of the cheese on top and the breadcrumbs. Pop it into the grill and eye ball it until it's golden brown and the cheese has melted completely. The out come?

An easy cheesy gooey mess, a great warming up dish and a great comfort food. One of my all time favourites as it's quick, easy and tasty! You can also spice up this recipe by adding bacon or chicken! 

Danielle xoxo


Monday, 18 August 2014

Top 5 candle scents | Autumn/Fall

It's come round to the time of year when it's starting to cool down, the leaves are turning brown and there is a definate smell of bon fires in the air. Since I can now whip out my favourite cardigans it's the perfect time to clean my room and make it smell all warm and cosy with my Yankee candle autumn scents.

Wild Fig - Probably the fruitiest fragrances in my autumn collection but it still has that slight hint of spice which makes it a great transition scent from summer to autumn!

Amber Moon - A definate night time fragrance with a undertone of jasmine and a lot of spices makes this a sexy tart perfect for the Halloween time.

Vanilla Chai - Who doesn't love the smell of spicy coffee in the afternoon? This fragrant tart is perfectly paired with a large mug of coffee and a good book!

Honey Glow - Again another sensual scent with lots of aroma therapy oils making a slight hint of that spa feeling.

Spiced Orange - A lovely clover scent to get you in the mood for Christmas, a great transition between autumn and winter, making you feel all warm and cosy inside. 

The wax tarts from Yankee Candle are the best as you change them up whenever you want and there is such a huge range of them the value at a retail price of around £0.99 - £1.20 depending if they are the scent of the month or not. Or probably just as cheep on eBay if your struggling to find these near you! A cheap buy for a beautiful smelling room! 

Hope you enjoyed!
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Danielle xoxo

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Current trend obsession | coloured mascara

Now I know what your thinking, we're not back in the 90s where hair mascara was cool so why bring up that mistake again? Well surprisingly enough I've found a way to wear colourful mascara without looking like you've been pulled out of a drag queen show, the secret is BOTTOM LASHES ONLY. 

I find this looks über classy and a great way to add a pop of colour to a pretty bland makeup style.

After browsing through the makeup counters I came accross the Miss Manga mascara by Loreal Paris, now at first I was tempted to buy just the regular black one but after looking closely at the beautiful pigment in the violet shade I knew I just had to get it! Even though I had no idea whether id use it or just be dusty at the back of my eye makeup draw, who knows but I just had to try it out. Surprisingly, I am obsessed, it looks so nice with a plain contoured face and a little contrasting lip! Rrp: £8.99 buy here!

After wearing this bad boy everyday and getting so many complements, next step is to get the electric blue one for my days off! The violet mascara I have on is perfect for work and my managers love it!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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Danielle xoxo

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

First impressions | New Maybelline baby skin; Instant fatigue blur

So funnily enough I was in boots again and I was browsing through the makeup isle and again suprise wondering what I should purchase when I came accross the new Maybelline baby skin instant fatigue blur, now I've always been intrigued with primers such as the 'porefessional' by benefit and the original baby skin, but I always felt they were mainly targeted for people with oily skin, so naturally I stayed away. But you can imagine my curiosity when I came across this beauty! 

At a price of £5.99, the same as the origional baby skin I couldn't leave up on that offer. My first thought is that it has beautiful pastel packaging and a lovely pinky tone to the actual product. Blending it into the skin made it feel very similar to the original but less silicon-y and easily blendable, which I'm super happy about. I guess only time will tell if I like this or not, but so far I have high hopes!

Buy here for £5.99 or at your local Maybelline counter.

Thanks for reading, 
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Danielle xoxo


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bluesday Tuesday | Retail therapy

After falling ill with a cold on Sunday I've been feeling really rubbishy everyday since, I've been trying to keep my mind off it by working more hours at work but a little shopping usually does the trick for me. 

Only a few bits and bobs to show you today and so far I'm really enjoying all these items!

3 beautiful products, that do 3 completely different things

Boots ingredience Camomile & lemon shampoo and conditioner, I've been on the hunt for cheap clarifying shampoo for my bleach blonde hair. And coming across these beauties at Boots for 2 for £2 I was over the moon, the scent is delicate but strong enough to remind me of a spa! Can't wait to try these out!

Hello naturally friendly pink grapefruit mint mouthwash, yes you heard me right pink grapefruit mint mouthwash as a weirdo that I am, for as long as I can remember I've hated the taste and smell of strong mint to a point where I dread brushing my teeth twice a day. When I discovered this for £3.99 at boots I was gobsmacked that I didn't discover it earlier. It has a sweet fruity taste with still a minty after taste which I don't mind too much. I will be deffinatly buying the rest of the grapefruit range!

Last but certainly not least I splurged on the last Topshop powder highlight in moon stone that was there, it's priced at £10 and I'm pretty sure their discontinuing it which is devistanting so I thought id swoop in and buy it before it gets removed. The product gives off just the right amount of shimmer and looks beautiful on pale skin. 

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul, and hopefully inspired you to maybe buy a few bits!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


Monday, 4 August 2014

Manicure Mondays | DIY 3D Manicure

Over the past couple of days I've been completely obsessed with looking on Pinterest at nail art designs especially 3d nail art. Now I wasn't too impressed with the prices of these ever so popular manicures, so I decided to recreate my own and compared to Ciaté prices, making your own was cheap as chips!

(Pictures don't do it justice, it is stunning and I'm in love!)

I found my inspiration for this one day wondering around the Topshop makeup section and discovering their new Glitter pots supposedly used on the body and face but I thought it would make my nail center piece! And boy does it look angelic! All I did was apply 2 coats on a baby pink opaque polish, a light sheer pearly polish and then dipping my ring finger into the Glitter pot, finishing off with a coat a glossy top coat. 

Products I used and prices - 
Essie; Fiji - £9.99 buy here
Perl polish??? (Sorry!)
Glitter Pots; Periwinkle - Topshop £4.00 buy here
Nails Inc; Save the nail - £5.00 buy here

Hope you enjoyed my first mini Diy!
Post soon!
Danielle xoxo

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