Sunday, 31 May 2015

Birthday | wishlist

With my twentieth birthday coming up, I thought it would be a good opportunity to show what I've been lusting over the past few weeks. As I know it can be hard to buy a birthday gift for an indecisive lady like me, it might be a good little insight to see what is on my up and coming online shopping list.

If you know me well enough than you may be not too surprised that I've been obsessing over Arabella Golbys style (blog here) which I've been trying to incorporate with my everyday outfits and jewellery. She's very much all about the pointed shoes and Chanel handbags which i find so classy and amazingly lady like. So I have added a few bits that remind me of her fashion sense which I am attempting to add to my clothes collection.

1.  ASOS Cigarette trousers with belt. £25.00
I've been loving the look of a simple work inspired skinny trousers with a little pussy bow blouse and maybe a court shoe. I think it makes any outfit much classier looking and also alot comfier than most jeans. ASOS do have these in many colours including black and burgundy which and my personal favourites. Buy here

2. CHANEL complete correction CC cream. £44.00
I popped into my local House of Fraser store today to have a look at the range of matte lipsticks they had at the Chanel counter, as my lovely boyfriend wanted to get me one for my birthday. As i was browsing my eye caught the sight of the new Chanel cc creams. I wanted to test for a colour match on my skin as we all know how pale i am! So I let the lovely counter lady assist me on this and she applied the colour Beige 10 to my jawline and it was like love at first sight. It felt light and silky on my skin but still had that medium coverage that I look for in a foundation. I took a little sample of it home with me to try out but this beauty is deffinatly at the top of my wish list! Buy here

3. LAVISH ALICE sleeveless belted maxi trench coat. £80.00
I saw this little beauty on Arabellas blog a few weeks back and since then I've not been able to stop thinking about it, you can buy this on Asos and its such a unique piece that it will date. I know I would still be wearing this in years to come. Buy here

4. SANCTUARY Youth boosting facial in a box. £16.50
You may be thinking why would a twenty year old need help with her skins youthfulness. Well you'll be surprised to hear that the more mature skin care products work wonders on my younger skin. As I have severe dry skin in the winter and tight, dehydrated skin in the summer it comes as no surprise that i try and get all the moisture and vitamins as I can into my skin. This cute little pack contains a 15ml bottle of 'Warming microdermabrasion polish', a 15ml sachet of 'Time reversal face mask', a 5ml bottle of 'Firming youth serum', a 5ml bottle of the 'Lift and brightening eye complex' and 10 ml pot of the 'Stop the clock moisturiser'. Buy here

5. MAC Masterclass brush collection. £16.50 - £34.50
These odd looking toothbrush like brushes are supposed to the next revolutionary thing to happen in the makeup world. Starting from the smallest, the Linear 1 brush is supposed to make liquid eyeliner a breeze, even to the shakiest of hands. You are meant to drag it across your top lash line with (supposedly) Mac's fluid line eyeliner and its meant to give a perfect look every time. The second is the Oval 3 it is a multipurpose brush for the eyes which is meant to be great for contouring, blending  and highlighting. Probably a good staple to have. Last but not least is the Oval 6 brush which once again is a multi use product but this time for your face. You can use it for foundation, powder, blusher and even highlighter. I must get these when I pop to my Mac counter next! Buy here

6. JOHNNY LOVES ROSIE through & through Ailsa stud earrings. £16.00
These cuties are so cheap yet classy i can't give a reason not to get them! The teardrop shape makes them so elegant and the little pearl is one of my favourite stones. Asos do some really lovely little pieces like this so its defiantly worth a check out! Buy here

7. CREST 3D whitestrips advanced vivid glamorous teeth whitening. £34.99
After seeing so many Youtube stars raving about these, I've always wanted to buy them. Luckily they're currently on sale on the Crest UK website so nows the best opportunity to get them! After having braces for so many years has made my teeth dull and yellow, so I really need a little whitening boost, which i hope to achieve using these! Buy here

8. FAITH GARDEN embelished flat pointed shoes. £35.00
You can never have too many pointed flats to mature up an outfit, these nude beauties feature a lovely rhinestone toe detail that will brighten up any outfit. For only £35.00 they're deffinatly on my 'must buy' list! Buy here

So thats all of the goodies that I'm interested in getting. I can't wait for my birthday which is on the 10th of June, so on the day I'm going to treat myself to tall glass of lemonade and a Chanel lipstick! 

Post soon!
Danielle xoxo


Monday, 25 May 2015

Manicure Monday | 3d iridescent

So turns out I'm finally back blogging after ever so long off, with a little update on the way, I wanted to quickly share my amazing manicure that I am currently obsessed with. 

I get my acrylics done every 2 weeks in a little corner nail bar in Chichester. As per usual, I asked my nail technician for stiletto nails with rounded edges (for reference) which she then cured. For polish she popped on a couple of coats of OPIs Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection (buy here) and then put on a thick layer of OPIs top coat to finish (buy here). This little pamper session usually costs me around £30 which is quite reasonable for gorgeous nails. For the 3d nail  art, I purchased a pack of 1000 iridescent AB rhinestones from eBay for £1.19 (buy here) which was an amazing bargain! I just used some strong nail glue to pop them on one by one on my ring finger. After some time and a lot of patients they end up looking like the picture above! All I did after that was apply a light layer of clear topcoat just to seal them all on. As a quick caution, if the rhinestones you use are made primarily out of plastic then a top coat will make them go really cloudy and ruin your manicure so I use crystal stones, so keep that in mind if you decide to replicate it! 

Hope you enjoyed!
Post soon!
- Danielle xoxo
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