Monday, 15 December 2014

Hair dying routine | How I go from brown to bleach blonde

Just as a quick disclaimer before I start this off I wanted to say that in no way am I professional hair dresser and I am not qualified to do this. So please do not go by my word but go by the instructions in the box. This kit does use bleach and peroxide which will burn and scald your skin if used improperly. I have someone to help me to apply it as it makes the application process much easier. If you are under the age of 18 I do recommend you ask permission from your parents or guardian, as you are under the age limit of use. If unsure about application please see a specialist who will do it properly and it will be much safer on your part. Anyway enough of the legal stuff now onto the tutorial!

The bleach I like to use is the Bleach London Total Bleach kit which includes a disposable bowl and brush, two packets of powdered bleach, a liquid peroxide and plastic gloves. I start off by poring all of the bleach powder into the bowl and then slowly add the peroxide, stirring as I do so. After about 5 minutes of mixing, the consistency should be of thick cream with no lumpy bits. I then comb through my hair to get rid of any tangles and then apply the product all over my re-growth in small sections. 

Before -

During -

After evenly applying it to the treated areas I let it sit on my head for around 30 - 40 minutes checking it every 10 minutes at the progress. I then do my shower routine as normal by washing it out of my hair with two or three shampoo washes. Once finished I towel dry my hair and apply the Bleach London white toner to any areas that are a little yellow still which is usually my whole scalp, keeping that on for a good ten minutes and then once again washing it off. I finish off this routine by applying a conditioning mask all over my head and leaving that on over night. 

I like to keep this lovely blonde colour as bright as I can so I do like to wash my hair once a week with a purple shampoo and using the repairing mask as my conditioner. 

And that's about it! It pretty easy to get light coloured hair from brown but if you are dying your whole head I would recommend you buying two or three boxes of bleach depending on the length and thickness of your hair. These kits are around £10.99 each and you can buy them at your local Boots store or alternatively you can purchase them online! 

Hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial and I'll be back tomorrow for a new post!
Post soon, 
Love Danielle xxx

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