Friday, 19 April 2013

Travel Drugstore Haul & UPDATE!

Hi Lovelies!

I know, Boooo for me being over a month without a post! But I am here now so it's all fine and dandy! Obviously I think it would be best if I start off with my update, (but if you're too lazy to read and just want to look at the pretty pictures just scroll down a couple of inches ;) ) **to all the people who care to know** lately I have been very MIA on all my social networking sites (ie, twitter, tumblr, facebook, youtube and here) although I have been at large again on twitter and youtube I thought I owed you an explanation into what have I been up to! Well, firstly as you know (if you watch my videos) I started a new job about a month and a half ago, so I have been super busy with that and settling in, not only that but I have also been organizing ways to improve my videos. And I came to the conclusion that I needed better lighting and better video ideas so lately I have been writing down fab ideas when they come to me and also brain storm now and again! About the lighting... I FINALLY GOT SOME (woohoo!) So in my next video you should be able to see me more clearly and much more bright and breezy!

On to the haul!

After work this afternoon I quickly popped into Boots to pick up some bits and bobs as I am going on a 2 night cruise at the end of this month, and this is what I ended up getting! Enjoy!

Ted Baker Toiletry Bag
Zip emblem

The fist thing I bought was this beautiful Ted Baker toiletry bag, now I did want to buy one of these once before but I couldnt find a nice enough pattern until now! This gorgeous aqua and hot pink go so perfectly together it reminds you exactly of the ocean and the sea horses give it a very cute touch. (Ted Baker Toiletry Bag - £18.00 *Boots*)

And of course as I loved the toiletry bag so much I had to get the matching makeup bag, I needed a new makeup bag anyway so it was very convenient! (Ted Baker Small Makeup Bag - £8.00 *Boots*)

I also purchased a lovely pair of brown/black lashes, I wanted to buy a really natural pair as I will be getting up around 4am on the day I leave so I thought these would be perfect just to pop on instead of fussing around with mascara at 4am! (Eyelure Naturalites 070 - £5.45 *Boots*)

Quite obviously I bought some mini shampoo and conditioner and obviously it had to be Soap & Glory! (Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day - £2.50 pb* *Boots*)

Whenever I go into Boots I always have a habit of picking up nail polishes, and this trip was certainly not an exception I got myself 3 Revlon nail polishes *from left to right in pic 1* Dreamer, Electric and Charming  As you can see in pic 2 I have Charming on with my Essie Matte about you nail polish which is a fab mattefying topcoat, gives my nails a whole new look! (Revlon Polishes *3 for 2* £6.98 pb & Essie Matte about you £8.98 *Boots*)

And last but not least I got myself a small face cloth for my cleanser! (Boots Botanics Bamboo Face Cloth - £3.99 *Boots*)

So I hope you all enjoyed that mini haul! Ive still got over a week until i get on board but i am getting every so excited! As it stands, it is currently 5 to 12 at night, so this shall be my last goodbye for the day!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Post soon, Love Dannie xxx

(*PB - Per bottle)

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