Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Casual Autumn | OOTD 🎃

Autumn is finally here, so it's time to get your jumpers out and go get a pumpkin spiced latte. I've started to warm up my outfits by wearing a longer plain tops and rolled up checkered trousers to make look a little more casual. The jewellery I'm wearing seems to bring the outfit in nicely and also gives the hard wear on the bag a finishing touch. I love rocking a side braid so when I can wear it I will, it's my go to hairstyle this year and the waves in my hair make the look seem a little more chic and natural. Obviously uncomfy shoes are a no go for me so these faux swade loafers are perfect for keeping you cosy and comfortable during the fall season.

Outfit description -
Trousers - Bank 
Long sleeved top - Next 
Shoes - Bank
Bag - Primark
Watch - Accessorize
Necklace - Newlook
Nails - Can Can by Ciaté
Lips - Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 Matte

Hope you enjoyed this autumnal post!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


Monday, 29 September 2014

My signature red lip!

When it comes to choosing the perfect lipstick shade for you, it can be a little tricky especially when it comes to the frightening red lip that has been ruling the runway ever since the 1950s. Trying to find the perfect red lip can be hard when you've got so many different undertones to choose from and not just that, there's also the finish to consider, so you have a orange toned glossy lip or a blue toned satin finish or a pink toned matte. The list goes on and on, so how do you pick the red lip for you? Well first thing you want to consider is your skin tone, if you have alabaster skin like me blue tones are usually your best friend but if you have olive or darker skin, Orange is probably the best. But that's just my personal taste. 

So my perfect red lip? Its a blue tone satin finish which makes my teeth look whiter and my eyes look more blue. And then there's the price, now I know what your all thinking, she's going to whip out a hefty Chanel price tag that only you could buy if your rich or willing to be poor for a few months. But fear not my red lip lovers, my favourite lip comes from a well known beauty brand called Natural Collection, and don't worry they are cheep as chips. The lipstick I'm rocking is the Cherry Red moisture shine from their massive lipstick range which all come in at a tiny price of £1.99 each. Yep, you heard me right, no need to spend a whole lot of cash on a lipstick that your unsure of but even when you are sure I'll still go back to this bad boy. It's my go to red lip and no fancy brand will change that!

Post soon!
Danielle xoxo

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Budget Beauty - Ciaté London Haute house 'Rich Ink Formula'

Over the past couple of months, since the weather has cooled down and autumn has most definitely settled it, I have noticed all of the well known beauty bloggers such as VDM rocking metallic 'ink' nail polishes. Once I found out they were all from the same Ciaté collection, I just had to get it.

(Coloured from left to right are: Sass Pot, Knee Highs, For the frill of it, Tickly my fancy and Can Can.)

Browsing online I found the Haute House collection at around the £25 mark, which I can understand as it is such a high quality, well known brand as Ciaté. So my mind was made up, on pay day I was going to splurge on the 'Rich Ink Formula' set. Until I decided to pop into TKMaxx, and low and behold did I spy with my little eye, at the back of the nail polish rack did I find the Haute House collections! And not just that, they had both the Rich Ink Formula and last summers Doll House right down to a tiny £6.99! Now you can't beat that bargain, so of course I swooped up that offer as fast as I could. And I shall be purchasing the Doll house collection when it comes to pay day!

So go down to your local TKMaxx and you might be surprised to see what you find.

Hope you enjoyed this budget beauty post.
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mini makeup haul x Starbucks

Since getting the IPhone 6 I've been non stop taking pictures of things and I thought it would make a great addition to my blogging routine. So obviously I had to go out a buy some makeup?! Who wouldn't when you've got a brand new gadget to play around with, and after deciding this I popped into my local Superdrug to have a little brows around. When I came across the NYC stand, the snobby makeup geek in me wouldn't  usually stop to give it the time of day, but this little guy caught my eye as it reminded me of a very popular pallete that a lot of bloggers in the States used to love, it was called cashmere something. Obviously knowing my luck I couldn't find that one but this one looked pretty similar and very autumnal so I swiped it up for a mere £2.99. The colour I got is
817 South Street Seaport which consist of 4 velvety powders in the mauve colour range, which is quite beautiful. 

The other item I picked up was the Mua Luxe Powerbrow 'Shape and Highlight' in Fair. Which as the name suggests is a brow and highlighter with a champagne highlighter on one end and a blondie brownie brow tint on the other, product review will be coming soon but at a steel at £3.99 you really can't go wrong!

So I hope you all enjoyed this tiny haul, and ps I am sat here in heaven drinking a pumpkin spiced latte and cake loaf in Starbucks which is amazing, totally recommend to any autumn lovers out there!

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Treacle Moon 'The Candy Jar' product review

With my obsession on all soaps and bath goodies on an all time high, finding a new, cheap, and not to mention adorably named bath and shower gels always makes me happy.

About the brand: 
Treacle moon is a bath and body brand that started back in 2007 and since then has skyrocketed its popularity in the blogging world and with its cute label design and beautiful scents I can understand why. It's a company that has never tested on animals and is vegetarian friendly (meaning it doesn't contain any animal derived ingredients and no you can't eat it my lovely veggie readers!) it also has it's own charity that helps the disadvantage family's in a small town called Khandel in Rajastan, India. Since starting the charity they have made a pledge to help 60 children annually and focusing on supporting long-term development projects which helps them gain access to clean water, sanitation, better healthcare, education and housing. Which gives them a huge thumbs up from me! 

With all the boring stuff out of the way, let's get onto the good stuff, the scents they make and what I think of them! In this 'The Candy Jar' range there are 4 different bath and shower gels, Original toffee Bon Bon, Marshmallow hearts, Ice cream soda and Sweet lime sherbet. My favourite being the marshmallow moments which is a great transition scent from summer to autumn. Unfortunately unlike the original shower and bath gels from Treacle Moon none of them have matching body butters, scrubs or hand washes, which is a little sad but either way they are great body washes as obviously they convert to a bubble bath as well, and at a retail price of £2.99 at your local Tesco supermarket you really can't go wrong!

Onto the quality of the product, the silkiness of the gel smooths onto the skin like butter and leaves your skin feeling so soft and surprisingly moisturised! Considering at the moment all of the Treacle Moon products are 20% off at Tesco, you have yourself a winner with a 500ml bottle that will last you a very long time considering a little goes a long way if you lather it up in a loofa. 

I hope you enjoyed this quite long in depth review and just as quick disclaimer, the Treacle Moon company is not in any way sponsoring me, all opinions are my own and all products mentioned were bought with my own money. 

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo
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