Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wishlist Wednesdays #3

Happy April everyone!

I know its been rather a long time since ive sat down and blogged (cough 2 months cough) but i could of easily put up meaningless posts or blog when I have an something interesting to say. So now im back in action with blogging Monday to Friday and i have a whole lotta stuff on my schedule! I am now snowballing with Youtube and everything is going swimmingly, so I thought its time to give my blog a little love.

Since I've been on the doll and not doing much with my time my attention has been mostly on Tumblr (whoops) and on Asos. (even more of a whoops) I just cant help myself when it comes to online shopping, I'm like a magpie when they see something shiny, they have to have it. Same with me and shopping! So I thought it would be a good idea to do a Wishlist Wednesday so you can see all the things I want but cant afford... yay?

1. Ted Baker Uspoken Field small makeup bag - £19.00 (Buy HERE)
I am in dire need of a small makeup bag that is long enough but compact enough to fit a few of my on the go brushes, as the bag i use now is small and handy but I cant fit any brushes in and I dont really fancy having them loose in my bag (ew germs)

2. Benefit Lolli tint - £24.50 (Buy HERE)
Pretty sure everyone and their mother already owns this besides myself, I tested it out at my local benefit counter and I fell in love. Its a beautiful bright barbie pink that will look delightful on your cheeks to give you a nice rosy glow.

3. Benefit The bronze of champions - £26.50 (Buy HERE)
Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner, so this cute little bronzing kit will come in super handy to get that traditional summer glow!

4. New look oversized bun garland - £4.99 (Buy HERE)
Im a huge fan of florals and have been for the past 3 years (if you saw my room, its a flower explosion!) So when shops started coming out with Bun garlands I was over the moon! Due to the fact this one is pretty plain and cheep I may have to pop down to new look and pick it up while its still in stock!

5. Asos jewel anklets - £15.00 (Buy HERE)
These anklets are to die for! I love the fact their over sized but still looks classy! Will have to get my hands on these as soon as possible!

6. River Island Wite block tote bag - £45.00 (Buy HERE)
The sun is out and the whether is warming up its only natural to have a new spring/summer bag. Considering all my bags are black or very dark I thought buying a light coloured one was well over due and when my eyes were set on this one, I knew id have to get it!

Hope you all enjoyed this long awaited post! I'm back on schedual and blogging 5 days a week and youtubeing twice! Thanks! Xxx
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