Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2013 Spring/Summer trend predictions

Hello my beautiful blog readers,

I thought today would be a perfect time to start predicting what the spring/summer tends will be. Now a couple of weeks ago we saw the golden globe awards, and to be honest the dresses definitely did not blow me away as much as they did last year but they did spill some clues on whats going to be hot in a couple months time.

Lucy Lui

As extremely beautiful Lucy Lui is, this dress did not suit her figure at all, I hated this dress!! The neckline is too misshaped, the massive bell design skirt makes her hips look way too big and the fishtail plat is very 2010. Although if she wore this exact print on a tight, figure hugging pencil dress with a high bun, I am sure she would of won the award for best dressed.

The print on this dress is to die for, I love how calming the light blue background colour is and it complements the huge floral print amazingly.

This large floral print is probably my first and most confident prediction, pastels are obviously going to come back in in spring as they do most years, but I feel they will definitely hit home in the summer. I can't get enough of this luxurious looking print, yum.

A few other lovely ladys who rocked the floral print on the runway:

Halle Berry

Again, this dress didn't wow me. The colour, print and shape of the dress is fabulous but the bust design makes her boobs look oddly shaped, where the print goes into a lighter pattern on the left side it gives the illusion of the left boob being much smaller than her right. Surly the desinger should of seen this when putting the piece together? Bad move on that part!

Ariel Winter

Before I start talking about that hidious piece of cloth shes wearing may I point out that her hair is beautiful and should of gotten more credit than it did.

Now, erh. This is discusting! The colours are all miss-matched the print looks like my two year old cousin could of drawn it and the tight sleeves make her upper arms look way bigger than they are. The shape of this dress is OK, not amazing but I hate the rest.

The only thing that stopped me from throwing up was her hair and makeup because they were gorgous, its just such a shame about that dress!

Sienna Miller

This print isn't as bad still not great but not bad, I adore the colours of the embroidered flowers and the shape of the dress makes her look very super model esque. Her hair makes her look 50 years old but other than that its a beautiful piece!

Although I like the shape im not too keen on the top half its shaped very oddly. Am I the only one who looks at this and thinks this print/fabric should belong as my bed covers? Just me? OK then!


The Second trend that I think will definitely hit Summer/Autumn the most is the very Gothic/Victorian style, we have seen this style on the run way of Alexander McQueen's pre-fall collection.

These were my favorite picks of the whole collection I love the fact they are all very mono-toned and it reminds me very much of the old Victorian church style, I love the fact the whole collections very dark and Gothic. And I think this will be another big hit in 2013!

I hope you enjoyed my predictions, If you have an predictions you'd like to make make sure to comment and let me know! Thanks for reading

Post soon! Love Dannie xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review // TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo & conditioner

Hello my lovely's, (why do I always seem to start my posts off with that? Seems to be a habbit!)

So, before I start I think it would be appropriate to let you know about my hair in the past how much I dye it yada yada. From the age of 14 I started to dye my hair, so it was 2009 and that stage of my life I was exploring with makeup and hair so I could feel and look a little different. I dyed my hair red (using Schwarts kopft Live colour XXL Red Passion 43), now my goal at the time was getting the brightest red hair possible! It started off as a dark burgundy/brownish red (as my natural hair is really dark brown anyway, so getting it bright red without bleach took some time!) after a good two years of getting my hair super bright red it got to a point where my hair was damaged and brittle and the red practically faded after one wash. So at the start of 2012 I thought I should ditch the red hair dye and give my hair a little rest and pamper it with the loads of different hair masks I dyed my hair my natural hair colour so I didn't have to dye it again. After a month of pampering my hair I wanted to try dying it again but this time blonde, and even though the hairdressers told me "you'll never get the red out of your hair without your hair falling out!" Turns out hairdressers don't know much, well mine didn't anyway. I currently use Live Colour XXL Max Blonde (00B). But my hair seems to take to colour pretty well, Im lovely and blonde and no hair fall out. Although as you may know any amount of hair dye will damage your hair just a little.

I have never really found a shampoo/conditioner that really wowed me and was a real miracle to my hair. And before last week I was sure they didn't exist. I even tried the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner combo that everyone seems to be raving about so I bought the big bottles expecting some sort of magic to repair my dry, bleached hair. But it made my hair so so so straw like it felt like I washed my hair with bleach, I hated it! Then last week I found the miracle I was looking for TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner combo. Wowowow I can not express to you how amazing this duo is! I was a bit skeptical at first as I found it in the shop Savers on sale for £2.99 each, I thought they wouldn't do much and just be an OK Shampoo & Conditioner that I had experienced many many times before with other brands. (incl; V05 smooth me softly duo & Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo bar with Retread Conditioner) But turns out they are my holy grail duo!

£2.99 for 500ml is an absolute bargain if you ask me, on the back it reads;

Our Philosophy 
From our origins in salons we've always had a simple vision: to create stylist-tested, salon quality products without the salon price tag, so you can experience that salon feeling everyday.

This Product 
 Transforms your hair to be smoother, straighter and easier to style with New Tresemme keratin smooth, Infused with Keratin, each product reduces frizz and leaves hair gorgeously sleek and manageable  Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo/conditioner nourishes each strand to leave hair gorgeously smooth, shiny and manageable. Formulated without sodium chloride - suitable for use after a salon keratin treatment. Gently enough for colour treated hair.

Whatever this combo says it does, it actually does! It makes my hair smooth, tangle free, nourished and it also defines my curls. It gets rid of my frizz and makes my hair look fabulously luxurious like I have naturally beautiful hair. And that's all after one use! It makes your hair feel so so clean and soft, I like to pair it with the  Moroccan hair oil to give my hair extra moisture. 

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner have these handy dandy pumps to dispense the product that you will find on all of the Tresemme hair care range. It makes it much easier to get the product out and much more hygienic, not like the Lush hair care which is a pain in the bum to use without getting water in the product, grr. 

I literally can't tell you how much I LOVE these products they have changed my hair condition forever. Everytime I wash my hair it feels like I've just been to the hairdressers and I've had a moisture mask put on it, amazing!! The shampoo is very easy to lather up and it doesn't leave a residue on the hair likes most shampoos do, the conditioner is basically a hair mask in a bottle and makes my hair tangle free, they are both beautifully scented with the smell of a luxury salon and leaves the hair not weighed down just lovely and clean. I would recommend this to everyone, I love it. 

Now if you don't mind, I would like some alone time with my babies...


Post soon, Love Dannie! xx


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week in pictures // #2

Hello Lovelys,
This week was a quite a quiet relaxing week so I didnt end up doing much! But Im trying to put more effort into making YouTube videos and motevating myself to edit them! Turns out i just turn to blogging instead... Dannie concentrate on youtubeeee!

So Yeah, heres my week in pictures for this week!

Top left to right - Blogging my whats in my bag post, Me Posing (as usual), the conversations me and my friend have, Cloud being supercat, Me going out for lunch, Swatches for another blog post, My beautiful Topshop boots, Finding Ketchup cheddar in the cheese isle ew, Whats in my handbag blog post.

I guess thats everything I did this week, I love seeing what everyones been up to during the week in pictures makes in much easier to see whether they have had a boring week or not! hehe. I hope you enjoyed another post of Week in pictures #2.

Post soon! Love Dannie xx


Friday, 11 January 2013

Whats in my handbag? // 2013

Hiya my lovelys!

Today I thought id show you whats in my bag, I know this tag has gone round youtube time and time again and its coming back! So my bag changes as the season changes so maybe I will do a summer version when the seasons change and the weather gets a little hotter.

My bag is a dog tooth/ hound tooth print, I have featured it many times in my blog before so you can find more about it here, I talk about where I got it from and how much and things so if you like it go check it out.
Also I apologies for the heavy picture content!
Take a sneak peak and lets get started! ...

Its a medium sized bag and I feel it seems to fit everything in just right and without it being too heavy. As you can see I don't take too many things, just the essentials. I also usually keep a water bottle to keep me hydrated throughout the day but I couldn't find one to put in for this post, so just pretend there's one there!

Obviously, as I live in England it rains practically 90% of the time so I always have to be prepared for a downfall. This umbrella is from Primark and it was £4.00 im pretty sure they still stock it so go check it out if you want.

I got this pure for Christmas but im pretty sure its also from Primark, not sure if its still in stock but its a pretty simple purse that you can find in most department stores, It has lovely gold hardware and two places to put your loose change, as you can see in the main one i put all my receipts. My name tag is actually from my cousins wedding she had them as name tags around the wine glasses and they were doubled up as table placements as well, cute idea.

Vanity Items
I don't like to take much makeup/toiletry's with me as my makeup seems to stay put bar my lipstick and carrying a huge makeup bag around will just weigh my bag down even more. I keep my all time favorite perfume in my bag No'5 Chanel Paris, I am in love with the muskyness of this perfume, It will always be my favorite! I also keep my lipstick in my bag, obviously swapping it out with each day so I can top up thought the day. Today im wearing Bourjois Paris lipstick in 01 sweet kiss. Also, I keep a nail file which will come in handy when i get a split nail.

Notepad & pen
I like to keep my diary with me at all times just in case i get inspired with a new YouTube video idea or a new post idea for this blog! Also, I obviously have my diary with me to keep myself organised though out the day and to make sure I don't forget anything i need to do! 

And last but no means least, the most important thing in my bag, my keys. Self explanatory really! Got my house key, bike key and other key charms!

This is how I wear my bag! I hope you enjoyed seeing whats in my handbag!
Post soon, Love Dannie xxx


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wishlist Wednesdays #1

Hello Lovely's,
Today Im starting a new 'series' i guess you'd call it on my blog! Wishlist Wednesdays! This wishlist thing I know is already pretty populair so id thought id jump on the bandwaggon, but make it my own because I love vintage fashion and im not to the highstreet fashion, so yeah! heres my first ever edition woohoo!

1. Romwe Retro Lapel Neck Black Dress £27.52
Now I already have this dress on order yay! I loved it so much after Leanne Woofull featured it in one of her outfit of the day's so I just had to get it, i love the fact the black contrasts beautifully with the crisp white details. Very Wednesday Adams esqe but I would add loads of bright colour into the outfit. But I also would love it with opaque black tights and black pumps!

2. Topshop MARLEY Suede Flatform Pumps £30.00
I love these shoes! I have tried these types of wedges on before and it feels like you wearing flats its crazy how comfy they can be! 

3. Topshop Structured Blazer £65.00
This beautiful raspberry coloured blazer is such a nice contrased and it adds a lovely pop of colour to the outfit. If I owned this blazer I would roll up the sleeves a little more just up to my waist as it emphasis my 'hour glass' figure.

4. River Island Black short statement necklace £12.00
I love the azteck design of this necklace and its the perfect size so its not over welming the dress but not just a small 'non existant' necklace, its beautiful! 

5. River Island Gold tone cross bracelet £3.00
This cute little bracelet I just added as an extra to match the necklace, it just adds a nice touch I love it.

I hope you enjoyed my first Wishlist Wednesday, Obviously I will be doing another one next wednesday! haha

Thanks for taking the time to read, 
Post soon, Love Dannie xx


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OOTD // Alexander McQueen esqe

Hiya lovely's!

Today I just went out food shopping but it was pretty cold so I had to wrap up. Yet I still wanted to look stylish, no changes there then Dannie! Even if I'm going to a pig farm I will still dress like I'm meeting the Queen, for some tea and scones! This OOTD was obviously inspired by my Alexander McQueen dupe scarf from Primark! One day I will buy the real one, but for now this will do. This outfit is also featuring my new vintage dog tooth bag (featured here) I love this outfit, and its super cozy yet fashionable! Woohoo!

Coat - Next £60.00
Scarf - Primark £5.00
Tights - Primark £3.00 (2 pairs)
Red dress - Topshop £17.00
Bag - Vinatge (charity shop) £5.00 (& scarf)
Lipstick - Kate Moss by Rimmel London 110 Coral
Socks - Topshop £3.00
Boots - £40.00

Can you tell I like Topshop! Haha. I hope you all had a great day!

Post soon, Love Dannie xx

Do you like this outfit? What did you wear today?


Vintage/Shabby chic bedroom

Hiya my lovely's,
Today I filmed a video about how to get a shabby chic room on a budget.
I hope I inspired some people to redecorate their rooms for the new year woohoo. You can easily find cheap, vintage decor in Charity shops, Car boot sales and ebay! Don't be affraid to get stuck in and find some bargains!

My tips -
1// You don't need to be rich to have a nice room
2// You probably already have the basic furniture already in your bedroom
3// Add light to your room (Candles & Fairy lights)
4// Add floral patterns/prints
5// Theres a fine line between clutter and displaying your things
6// If you like it - display it!
7// Add height to your room
8// Add vintage wall art
9// Add pastel colours
10// Just have one wardrobe
11// Keep it clean!

Thanks for watching! And if you have any other tips make sure you comment and tell me!
Post soon, Love Dannie xx


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Appreciation and Society

Isnt it funny how you don't appreciate something until its gone?

Hi guys, today Im going to discuss a topic which has been bugging me, appreciation. Now you may be thinking "well what has this got to do with beauty?" Well it can be, its like you wake up in the morning, do your makeup until you realize . I'VE RUN OUT OF FOUNDATION now if you didn't run out, this wouldn't of crossed your mind you would of done your makeup and thats that, but you just expect it to be there ready to use and you wouldnt of appreciated having it in the first place. Or if you were going to wash your face, you would expect the water to be there...

This is what happened to me! For the past couple of weeks our household has not had any hot water, so no hot shower, no hot baths, no washing up water, no hot water to wash your hands. And its made me realize how much we just expect things to be there, we need to realize how lucky we were to have hot water in the first place. People still live on this planet who don't have hot water or clean water or basic food. Were as we just expect to have it. Spaghetti Bolognase is not an essential, Lush products arn't essentials, these are privileges. And I feel that society has taught us to expect to have these things, we are so lucky to have what we have, but we don't think about it until its taken away from us.

We rely on these things/products and don't stop to see how lucky we really are! I mean look around you, you clearly own a laptop/computer/phone or you wouldn't be reading this in the first place, my cat is purring away next to me, if I wasn't as lucky as I am she wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be able to afford her.

What im trying to say when it comes down to it is, don't complain about not having the newest Foundation/Lipstick. Appreciate and use the ones you do have and just be thankful for having a roof over your head, the hot water in the pipes and the food on your table.

Appreciate what you have while you have it, because one day it might not be there anymore.

Our society has taught us that its not fashionable to leave the house without makeup, its not fashionable to get your clothes/accessories from a charity shop, its not fashionable to buy your makeup from pound-land.

So what if you don't wear makeup? So what if you buy your clothes from a charity shop? So what if you buy makeup from pound-land. Society has turned into something very ugly lately and it makes me sick to think people will look down on you if you don't wear the latest fashion, wear what you want to wear because you can! Just because its not the in thing to do doesn't mean its wrong.

Take the Urban Decay Naked palette/Naked II palette for example, whats the point in spending over £30.00 if you can buy basically exactly the same product for £4.00. We think these brands are luxury, high-end brands when in fact they are exactly the same as the drugstore brands just majorly over priced. We don't buy for the product anymore we buy for the name of the Brand. You more likely to watch to someone YouTube who spends loads of money on these brands than a person who never buys makeup for more than £10.00. Why? because we are very shallow people. And we seem to think the bigger the price tag is the more experienced they seem. No, these people have the money to splash out everyday on expensive brands, but it doesn't mean their better than than anyone else at applying makeup it just means they have a higher income than others.

Never judge a book by its cover, just because a makeup artist uses cheap makeup doesn't mean their a bad makeup artist.

Remember this and you wont be as shallow as society will have you believe.

Thanks for reading and im sorry if I offended anyone I just wanted to put my point across.

Post soon! Love Dannie xx


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Best & Worst high-street products of 2012 Tag

Hiya everyone, so today im doing my first tag. Now I saw this on Megans' blog (britishbeautygeek) which she posted a couple of days ago, although I've only been following her blog for a short time, shes a lovely girl so make sure you check her blog out!

I thought this was the perfect time for me to do this tag as it is 2013 and I wanted to look back and see what I've enjoyed this past year, so lets get on with it...

Question 1-
What was your favorite high-street make-up brand of 2012?
This was such an easy question to answer and no doubt will it be anyone but Sleek. Now this may be an odd brand to chose as most people would go for Rimmel or Revlon, but Sleek really stood out to me this year, not only do they have very suave packaging the pigmentation of their products is amazing.

Sleek eyebrow kit in light // Sleek blush in Pixie Pink

Question 2-
What were your least favorite products of 2012? 
I had to ponder about this question for a while but I've come to the realization that i really hated the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, now I know this is a very loved product in the beauty community but unfortunately I was allergic to some ingredience in the foundation and it made my face and eyes swell up like a balloon. The other product that I was super disappointed with was the e.l.f cream eyeliner in black. I was so excited to try this as I fell in love with the Loreal Paris one, so I thought id give the elf one a go as it was half that price and claimed to be waterproof which it was most definitely wasn't, as it traveled half way down my face when it got to the end of the day, so not waterproof at all and It also dried up in the first week of opening. Not great products.

E.l.f cream eyeliner in black

Question 3-
What is the best make-up bargain of 2012?
This HAD to be the Collection 2000 cream puff lip creams, they are matte yet moisturizing and they stayed on all day even after eating and drinking! With amazing RRP of £2.99, you can not go wrong with these!!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip creams in Fairy Cake 3 and Cotton Candy 1

Question 4-
Show your best high-street dupe for 2012?
This is practically known by most beauty blogs but the MUA makeup palette in Undressed is an exact dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette, even the colours are in the same order! (Someone did a little cheating when making this 'original' palette) But im not complaining, at more than half the price I love this palette! RRP £4.00

MUA pallet in Undressed

Question 5-
Which high-street product did you buy in 2012 that wasn't worth the hype?
This may not be classed as a 'beauty' product as such but the Nails Inc nail varnishes weren't that great im my opinion, I bought the colour Elizabeth Street, now I thought it was going to be an opaque application but I had to apply around 6/7 coats to make it sort of opaque but still blotchy! I never bought another colour as I was so disappointed with the first one I bought, and at a price at £10.00 I was expecting MUCH better quality!

Nails INC nail varnish in Elizabeth Street

Question 6-
Which product wins your award for best high-street product of 2012?
And the winner is....

Topshop lipsticks in Beguilded and Infrared

hooray congrats to the winners, I love these lipsticks as they are so creamy but yet lasting and hides all your nasty dried skin on your lips in the winter, perfect colour range and amazing pigmentation, especially the brighter colours, absolutely wonderful, I recommend these to EVERYONE! RRP £8.00

I hope you enjoyed my 2012 faves I had to chose really carefully with these questions as most of them were so hard to chose from but I think I made the right decisions! Post soon!
Love Dannie xx

What were your favorites of 2012? I tag you!

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Week in pictures // #1

Hi guys! i know this is the second time today im blogging, Im on a roll today!!
So this week was obviously new years so this year I spent my evening at my friends house and had a lovely little gathering with fireworks and champagne! Was beautiful.
Anyway here's my week in pictures for this week! Hope you like it.

From left to right - Laura & I // New Pandora bracelet // My homemade pan au chocolate //Learning German again // Lush green bath // New mug // Yummy pretzel // Selfie // New bag

I hope you all had a lovely week and new year! Post soon!
Love Dannie xx

Review // Revlon Photoready Foundation

Hey you lovelies, as you can tell im doing a review today, woohoo!
So I bought this foundation about a month ago in boots, at the time this particular foundation was very hyped up in the beauty area of Youtube and the blogging world, I purchased the colour Vanilla 002, which was the lightest shade in Revlons' collection. (although its number 002 was there not an 001?!) At first glance it seems like very high-end with its fancy curved glass bottle and a sleek black lid to match. It has a convenient pump lid which makes getting the product out much easier and very hygienic  The clear glass bottle is very handy as well as you can see how much foundation you have left, because its a pain in the bum when you suddenly run out of foundation and have no back up. Once I took it home and examined it by swatching it on the back of my hand and side of my neck, it seems its much darker on skin than it looks in bottle. Although im not into the whole orange face white neck trend, I still went ahead and used it to see what the hype was about.

After using every last drop of it I have come to the conclusion that it makes me look a lot like a fairy...
What I mean by this is, its so shimmery and glittery it makes your face look like a disco ball, with large glitter particles not helping the situation. However I was very impressed with the coverage, it gives a nice medium to high coverage which would be great for people who suffer with lots of blemishes. The lasting of this foundation isn't that great which is a shame. It would last on someones skin if they aren't moving at all throughout the day, the wind/rain/sweat does make it slide about on your face even with powder to set which isn't very nice to look at. By the end of the day my face was very patchy, still a little bit tacky from the application even though I did set it with powder and I also suffer from dry skin... when I removed my foundation with my lis earle hot cloth cleanser, it was very easy to clean off as it moved about on my face during the day and it seemed half my face didn't have foundation on it and the other half seemed to be very cakey. (not due to my makeup skills haha)

So all in all I would recommend this foundation to someone who has super dry skin, is going somewhere that doesn't brake a lot of sweat and where people will be taking pictures of you, maybe to a family party of something? Other than that I would not recommend this to a friend and I will not be buying this product again. It is was too shimmery for me and I prefer not to have my foundation slide about throughout the day. Pictures below. RRP £7.00 30ml.

I hope you enjoyed my first review! Post soon! Love Dannie xxx

Have you tried this foundation, if you have what did you think of it?


Thursday, 3 January 2013

First mini haul of 2013

Hiya, so this is my first blog which is super exciting! I decided to start a blog especially for mini hauls and OOTDs that are too little to put in a video or reviews and things that i would rather write about than show! So yay!

I didn't buy much today as I only went to my local shopping center and I am also trying to save, which clearly is really easy for me due to the amount of shopping I do, evidently. I went into lots of different shops but nothing seemed to tickle my fancy besides the charity shops! Some days I just go into a charity shop and find use for everything and have an eye to alter something to make it more stylish. Clearly today was one of those days! First I stumbled into the British Heart Foundation actually looking for books but ended up buying a bag!  I L.O.V.E the dog tooth print on this bag its very 50s/Audrey Hepburn esque! I can just see myself with this bag in the crook of my arm, extra large sunnies on with my trench coat walking in the park in the early spring, erh, to die for i'd say! And what a bargain at £5.00!! AND to top it off it came with a gorgeous matching scarf for free! Just take me back to the 50s!

Still trying to find some books I hopped into Oxfam and found the most beautiful skirt, now this is where my little creative eye came out!

Personally I wouldn't wear the skirt at this length as its not my style to I am going to alter it to make it into a shorter 'rah rah' skirt and make it high waisted for that very 40s style! I also love the print of this it reminds me of a mix of old africa and india. This beautiful piece is going to be wonderful in the summer time with a black bandeau and either nude heels to dress it up or white converse to dress it down and make it more caj! For such an amazing piece it cost me only £4.00 woohoo!

Going into the British Red Cross shop was my second to last shop I visited, in there a found the cutest little china dish with a beautiful whimsical design on the front.

 I thought this sweet piece would look perfect with my perfumes placed top as it matches my shabby chic style room perfectly!  

This cutie was only £1.50 so I couldn't say no!
Lastly I quickly popped into superdrug to have a look at the Kate Moss by Rimmel London matte lipsticks to see what what all the hype was about, I ended up buying one because everyone especially Leanne Woodfull recommended them highly so I HAD to go check them out. I bought the coral one called Rossetto/Rouge a levers in number 110, its a gorgeous red/orange lipstick which looks lovely with pale skin. RRP £5.59.

I also came across the Collection 2000 (which I believe is now called Collection?) Cream Puff moisturizing lip creams which I have bought before but it ran out so i got two more! In the colours Fairy Cake 3 and Cotton Candy 1. RRP £2.99 each.

left - fairy cake 1 // right - cotton candy 3
top - cotton candy 3 // middle - fairy cake 1

They are similar colours to each other but cotton candy 1 is a little darker which would give a more intense look where as the fairy cake 3 resembles the colour of my lips so I can easily wear it on a daily basis!

So that was everything that I got today I know it wasn't a lot but I love everything I bought and im glad I didn't spend all my money for once! (woohoo!) In the end I still didn't find the book i wanted considering that was the reason I went shopping in the first place... haha!
Anyway, I hope you all had lovely days too and Ill update you soon!
Love Dannie xx
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