Sunday, 23 August 2015

Casual Parisian | Outfit Post

Over the past few weeks here in the south of England, the weather has been very changeable. With showers, sunny spells and storms all in one day, It can be really hard to know how to dress for the day ahead. So my go-to outfits, always include some type of Jean, weather it's a ripped skinny jean or a classic black straight leg.

I find jeans are lightweight enough for the sunnier days yet cooler for the days I need a few more layers. I also like to throw a little bit of Parisian style in with my daily outfits, as I find the everyday French woman very classy and well dressed. So, I end up with this Parisian/high street highbred outfit, that I'm absolutely loving. It's simple yet a statement and once the weather does turn, I do like to chuck on a light weight trench coat paired with a understated black umbrella, practical yet glam.

Outfit details -

High waisted skinny jeans - Jamie jeans from Topshop
High necked Breton striped top - H&M
Gold embellished slipper shoes - H&M
Pearl drop earrings - Accessorize 
Moonstone charm necklace - 'October' necklace from H&M
Red lipstick - Loreal Paris color riche in 'Liyas pure red'

I hope you enjoyed this rainy day outfit post!

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Christmas preparations | researching gifts and decorations

I know we all hate to admit it but Summer is on its way out and Autumn is slowly creeping up on us. With that in mind, as the season is changing, christmas is the first thing on my mind. Ever year I tell myself to start prepping for the holidays early enough so I can be organised and not totally broke by the end of December. So, I've decided that as the weather is getting cooler, I might as well start now. With my trusty sewing machine by my side, I am ready to face the run up, to the thing we call Christmas.

Over the next 4 months I will be regularly updating you all as to how I'm doing with the progress of gift planning and decoration designing. The first step for me is to do some research on Pinterest, as we all know Pinterest is the home of all things creating, making and decorating, so naturally it is my first option. I have found some fantastic ideas on here and a few favorites that I though I would show today. 

Sewing is probably one of my favorite things to do around the holiday time, so I found this cute and simple tutorial on a sleeveless jacket, perfect for the cooler weather. (Via As sewing clothes is so versatile this would be an amazing gift anytime of year, which is why I can easily prepare and make this way before the holiday season. 

Another option you can do before the Christmas season are these monogrammed mugs filled with hot chocolate goodies. (Via Anything with a long shelf life would be ideal to make now. Hence why in the post you won't find any baking tutorials, only because by the time Christmas comes around, that amazing gingerbread house you made will probably be uneatable and have an unpleasant stench to it. Not something I would recommend for the start of September!

Last but certainly not least are these cute little 'pop in the bath' tea bags. (Via As a proud lover of Pinterest for many years now, I am surprised to say I have never seen or thought of something as unique as this! An easy diy for the people out there who are only good at hand sewing. I love the fact you can switch up this gift by filling it with anything that the recipient likes. For example, lavender for the person who stresses a lot or oats for the person with dry skin. It can be changed accordingly which Is great. Perfect for the bath loving person in your life.

So, grab your needle and thread and let's get this Christmas preparation going! 

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Birchbox August 2015 | #beautyjunkie

As I got home from a long, rainy day at work, I stepped through the front door to a very welcoming sight, this months Birchbox! After last months summer themed extravaganza, I was very impatient for the next little beauty filled surprise to come through my letter box! 

About 5 days before I received the August box, I was notified via Facebook that this months theme was 'beauty junkie', and as we all know I am the biggest beauty junky around. So to my delight I was presented with 5 luxury beauty items from skin care to hair care.

Upon opening the box I was presented with their familiar booklet of product information and a nifty little emoji sicker sheet as an extra treat. Underneath, they included a more shallow yet thicker drawstring bag with the little goodies stashed inside.

Now onto the products. 

Kebelo clarifying shampoo -
This 50ml tube is a hefty sample to say the least, with a very fresh scent with ingetients such as seaweed and milk. This shampoo is supposed to rid your hair of any product build up, yet not leave your hair straw like with no moisture like most other clarifying shampoos. On their website it states that is can be also used as an 'invigorating body wash'. So I am very looking forward to trying this one out! Full size (250ml) RRP £13.95.

Rituals Fortune scrub in sweet orange and cedar -
Another huge sample this month of 70 ml and wow does this scream Autumn to me. The citrus, musky scent sends me straight to a vision of fallen brown leaves with a crisp breeze in the air. Rituals is a big brand that I, myself know and trust and I'm pleased to see it in the August box. Full size (150ml) RRP £10.00.

The Balm bronzer in 'balm desert' -
With another very well know brand in this months box, you can't help but be happy with this little guy. This warm toned, matte bronzer/blush has mostly natural ingredients with healing properties, so you can feel secure knowing that this product won't make you break out like most unfamiliar products you use. This sample has a handy magnetic case to keep it shut, which is fab for travel. And the size of it is great for on the go bronzer touch ups. Full size (6.39g) RRP £15.50.

Lord & Berry blush in 'Lotus' -
This dark red toned brown blush is perfect for the upcoming cooler months, and with a slight shimmer undertone its a great brightening product. It's a perfect sample size to fit into one of my mac pallets so it can be doubled up as an eyeshadow! Full size (4g) £18.00

Huygens exfoliating cream -
As a brand I'm not too familiar with, this Paris based company focuses on using mainly natural ingredients to help your skin where it needs work. This small pot is full of luxurious ingredients such as sesame oil, rice powder and green tea. With a thick grit formula, this scrub is great to use on your t-zone and even rough patches on your body such as your elbows and feet! A fab universal product that I can't wait to try out. Full size (50ml) RRP £17.90

L. Erickson grab and go pony -
This simple hair band is supposed to keep your hair in place with no movement and doesn't damage your hair due to the fabric outer layer. One accesory that I always seem to loose, so you can't go wrong with another hair band. Full size (15pcs tube) RRP £11.50 (colours to choose from: black and grey, beige and brown, blue and grey or pink and gold.

With another very successful month, this customer is very happy! Roll on September!

Post soon, 
Danielle xoxo

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