Saturday, 26 April 2014

Look beauty review!

It's been a while since I did a review on this little blog so I thought I'd update you all, over the past couple of months I've been trying out a few different makeup products from the brand Look Beauty. Now, as I am a bit of a lover of big brands I was sceptical about how well these products would do at their low price and practically non-existent advertisement (of what I've reasearched anyway!) but never the less I thought I'd give a few products a go with an open mind and I was pretty supprised with the out come.

Foundation: Airbrush base foundation in the shade Light 1 -
I have a love/hate relationship with foundations as most of the time every shade is a little too orange or dark for me, I like not being able to feel any product on my skin once the foundation has sunken in, which a lot of them don't do for me. This is a pretty medium to high coverage with a very thick consistency. (similar to M.a.c studio fix foundation) On first application, the colour is rather light with a yellow undertone and gives the skin a flawless finish with only just that one coat, due to its consistency. Beacause it is so thick, it no doubt needed powder to set, so it doesn't smudge around all day. The lasting power is pretty good, with it lasting all day without smudging but all in all I would probably give this a 7/10 only due to the fact I personally prefer a thinner constancy and lighter finish. RRP: £12.00 

Mascara #1: Stretch factor -
I'm so so picky when it comes to mascaras, I usually stick to my trusty side kick the Lash Potion by Revlon and nothing will be as good as that one, so I didn't want to judge these mascaras by comparing it to my favorite as that would not be fair. The wand on this mascara is one I have not seen before, on one side it has a lot of short bristles and the other side there are long flexible bristles making it practically two different wands. The out come of this? After two coats it gives unbelievable length but practically no volume... RRP: £5.00

Mascara #2 Lash attack -
On the other hand, this beauty has a long flexible wand with an upside down, sturdy tapered end that gets the hard to get corner lashes brilliantly! The out come? Two coats of this mascara only is gives pretty good volume but hardly any length, so I then came to the conclusion of putting the two together would make this the ultimate mascara! Supprisingly enough together they make an extreme lash combo, that is a runner up to my holy grail lash potion, but at the fraction of the price! RRP: £5.00

All in all, I've been down right impressed with all the bits I've been trying and I'm dying to try out more, the prices are unbelievably cheap, the packaging is über cute and the formulas are comparable to high end products! 

Hope you enjoyed this review
Danielle xoxo


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How I got into YouTube and Blogging!

So it's been around 2 years since I started talking frivolously to a camera and about a year since I started tapping away at the keyboard onto this little blog, and I must say it's been a rollercoaster these past two years! I thought I would inform you all on how I actually got into the blogging and vlogging word, so let the stories beggin...

Since I can remember I've always had an interest in makeup and always enjoyed playing around with colours on my face and seeing what looks good or just down right funny! When I got to my 14th birthday I was already set on going into the beauty business but not until I turned 16 did I figure out makeup was my forté. Around this time i discovered the beauty world on YouTube and started to watch big beauty gurus such as Bubzbeauty, Mehganheartsmakeup and Juicystar07. Only after a few months of watching their amazing videos did I come to the realisation that I would love to do that... So I did! Although (thankfully) my old channels and videos are long gone, they helped me build my confidence infront of the camera and editing too! Only after figuring all this techy stuff out did I design my own little beauty blog under the name of velvet--couture, since then as you we'll know, the name has changed to something a little more appropriate. And I'm still changing it up everyday to make it look more proffesional!

I think the main thing to think about if your wanting to start a blog/YouTube channel is to practise, lets face it, your not going to be A* amazing once you've just started! You have to practise by writing draft posts or private videos and reading them/watching them back. Let a family member give you constructive critism as you know they will give you an honest answer and probably give you some ideas you didn't even think about! Make it unique to you, you don't want to copy something someone else does exactly otherwise it's not yours! Take a few ideas from things that inspire you, make a list or a spider diagram if it helps. Put all your ideas together and BAM you've got yourself a YouTube channel and blog. Make sure you've got yourself a schedual that you can fit in with you daily routine, like for instance I work 5 days a week, write draft posts in the evenigns and take the pictures in the morning. Then pop it all together and upload it before work! When it comes down to my YouTube, that takes a little more time. I usually film two videos for the week ahead on my days off and edit and upload them throughout the week. Don't start off by trying to fit too much into your schedual as it will end up more as a chore than a hobby! Do it how it suits you! There arnt any rules so upload once a fortnight and blog twice a week. It's all down to you!

Hope this little post helped!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Mint | OOTD

Spring is probably my favorite season, all the bright colours come out in the flowers and everyone's a bit happier! So I thought I should incorporate this pastel season in my wardrobe! I found this beautiful blossom filled field that I had to take pictures at, it's a beautiful place!

Jewel encrusted jumper - New look
Disco pants - River Island
Laser cut dolly shoes - Topshop
Houndstooth bag - Charity shop
Tortoise shell sunglasses - River Island
Nail polish - Candy apple by Barry M
Lipstick - Seventeen stay pout in Delinquent

Hope you enjoyed my first outfit of the day post and have a lovely Easter from me and my Buster boy!

Danielle xoxo


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Warmer weather body care

Now that spring is finally in full force it's time to ditch the beanies and pull out the sunnies! A lot of people seem to forget about their body care during the warmer months due to the fact their skin is less dry then it was during winter, but nether the less, skin needs moisture and pampering 24/7, remember that guys and gals!

Although it's a little too warm for balms and creams it's starting to become perfect weather for lotions and moisturizing mists, so I have a few that I adore that arn't sticky and they all easily sink into the skin!

Soap and glory girly go moisture mist buy here!
This beautifully scented mist is a simple way to pamper your skin without walking around like a zombie for half an hour waiting for it to sink in! As the formula is so thin and runny it comes out in a spray bottle and one swipe of the skin and it's completely sunken in! Handy for traveling and on the go!

The body shop raspberry skin care range buy here!
A new range of body product launches are always exciting when it comes to the body shop, but when I smelt the new raspberry scent I was hooked! This range only came out yesterday so it's brand new, smells devine and pretty cheap for great feeling skin! 

Vaseline spray and go in aloe buy here!
If your not a big fan of very smelly body products but still want something caring and gentle on your skin for spring and summer, I really recommend the spray and go range from Vaseline. It has the same concept as the Soap and glory product but with a less powerful scent and is much better for more sensitive skin as it has more of a moosy texture! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Make sure you remember your skin care, it needs love too!

Post soon,
Love Danielle xoxo

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My spring/summer handbag essentials!

Now that the weather is warming up as we enter spring full steam ahead I thought it was long over due for me to have a good clean out of my winter Zara bucket bag, and switch it up with something a little lighter and more tasteful for the warmer weather.

I bought this little cutie a while back from Primark, I'm not a huge lover of their goods due to the fact the quality of their items are pretty pore. But to my supprise this bag has been in perfect condition for over a year now! I guess it's a guessing game when it comes to primark stock!

My first essential is obviously my purse, the one I adore using that I get lots of compliments on when I wack it out is my River Island holographic large wallet. I'm a large purse fan just because I like to keep all my recipts and cards with me at all times, this beauty has lots of different compartments for all your money essentials! And of course it's skinny enough to fit perfectly in my bag.

I next bring my Next tortoiseshell sunglasses, these are my go to sunnies that I love so so much as they fit the shape of my face perfectly and they are big enough to block the sun from my eyes! 

Next I usually being a bottle of water with my due to the fact I'm a bit of a heath freak and love having and drinking cold water.

Lastly I bring a mini makeup bag with me just to fit all my necessities in including the lipstick I'm wearing that day, hand cream and plasters, those sort of things.

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post! I don't take a whole lot of things with me only due to the fact I don't want my bag to get overly heavy! Post soon!

What are your S/s hand bag essentials?
Danielle xoxo
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