Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Autumn rose | OOTD

Now that the weather is truly miserable, it's about time we started to wrap up and make our selves ready for the winter weather. I've been really enjoying the dark autumnal colours with a pop of something bright thrown in! 

Coat - New Look
Top - Next
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Loads flats - Topshop
Head band - Tu (Sainsburys)
Necklace - Primark 
Lipstick - Mac (All fired up 'matte')

Hope you enjoyed!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A few of my favourite things

It's been quite a while since I updated you on my current favourites, now i won't make this a November favourites as I don't have enough of each specific genre to show you. But I do have a few bits and bobs that I've been loving and have been making me happy!

First being this beautiful turquoise set of teardrop studs that I purchased as a pack of 3 from Topshop they were originally £10.00 but they were on sale for £3.00! Amazing, for such an elegant looking piece.

Next being my new Autumn/Winter scent. The Ghost eclipse fragrance, I have run dry on my sample size so I had to go out and purchase a full size bottle. RRP: £24.99

Lastly being the lipstick I have been adoring over the past few weeks, it is by MAC and it is called All fired up. It is a beautiful true to colour dark fushia pinky and it applies matte (yet moisturising) and amazingly opaque! RRP: £15.50

That's all folks, only a few bits to show you today! Hope you enjoyed today's mini post!

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

Bath tub hair washing | Routine

When it comes to choosing between showering and washing my hair or a relaxing soak in the bath, the choice can be difficult to make! Especially when it's gotten to the point that 4th day hair isn't acceptable but you need to soak away the day you've had! 

So I have found the best way to combine the two while still being comfortable and able to have silky shiny hair too.

I start off my running some hot water to about half way up the tub and then cool it down to a point where it is still hot to the touch but not so hot that it will scaled you head, like a normal bath would. I then take the best 'hair washing bath product' to plop into the bath and it is the Lush Ickle baby bot bath ballistic(RRP: £1.95 each). It's a great bath bomb that makes you feel like your having a luxurious bath but also won't mess your hair condition up when you dunk the back of your head in. 

You then want to proceed with your normal hair routine with wetting your hair down, shampooing and conditioning ect but then rinsing it in the bath water, and don't worry, your hair won't get greasy even if your rinsing it in the same water each time.

So that's it, pretty simple, I think the best tips I can give you is use the Ickle baby bot bomb and keep your water at about half way point up the bath so when you Submerge your body, the bath water won't go tipping over the edge. Also this is a great bath routine for children too, as the bath bomb is sensitive enough to use on baby's! 

Hope you enjoyed! Ps, DIY coming up next week and it's Christmas themed! Stay tuned!
Danielle xoxo

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

November Glossybox | Unboxing

This months Glossybox wasn't themed, so it was just your normal lovely baby pink box! Which I'm happy with! Perfect for using as separators in your vanity. So with out further a due, let's go onto the products! I received 5 products in this box with 2 full sized products too!

Burt's Bees natural lip shine in Blush. This was the only product that I got this month that I would of actually purchased, potentially. It's a lovely sheer gloss that I'm sure will come in useful.

Monu Hawaii facial treatment oil. This lovely 'spa' like smelling oil is a facial treatment that you apply after cleaning and toning. You can also use this as a face mask in oil form by warming it up in the palm of your hands and massaging it in.

H20+ hydrating treatment. This is pretty similar to the Monu oil but a much smaller sample that won't go very far. It is the same process as applying, but I'm not sure why they decided it would be a good idea to put two very similar products in the same box but one being a 30ml sample and the other being a 8ml sample. 

2 True pro Sparkles nail glitters. This is a very simple gold glitter that will come in handy for nail design. Even though I have many gold glitter pots already, another one in my collection won't hurt!

Lollipops Paris eyeliner in 701 Goodbye Moon. This is your simple twist up black khole eyeliner by a brand that I haven't heard of before but I'm sure it is good either way. I don't usually wear pencil eyeliner but it may come in handy one day!

So that is everything, I didn't love this box as much as last months due to products that I probably won't use. But let's hope the Christmas box will be better! Hope you enjoyed, make sure you follow me on bloglovin' to keep up to date with all my blog posts!

Post soon!
Danielle xoxo


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Inside my beauty essentials bag

No matter the weather or where I am going I always carry my little emergency pack with me, filled with all sorts of beauty goodies that I would feel lost without. I bought this beauty of a bag at a little boutique called Glow and Co which I did mention a few posts ago. It has this beautiful pop art esque design in front of a vibrant pink background! Most defiantly up my street and it was only £11.00, bargain.

First off in my bag of goodies I have some roll on deodorant, for obvious reasons. Nobody likes the smell of bio, now come on! My personal favourite is the tesco's own brand in the blue fresh scent. 

I then have some lady items including tampons and some feminine deodorant and yes us girls have the problem with a wiffy woohoo from time to time so I have no shame in saying I use one! Haha! Girl power!

I also like to keep my miracle hair product with me, the Schwarzkopf BC bonacure colour freeze treatment, this beauty of a serums, it will clear up any frizz immediately with only a pea sized amount! Worth a buy, but a little hard to find I got mine at my local Sally's beauty supply, or you can alternitavly purchase it from a local Schwarzkopf hair dressers! 

Lastly I like to keep a small pocket mirror, for any makeup touch-ups, a few kirby grips, some headphones and the lipstick I am rocking that day. Today I am wearing the Loreal collection exclusive in Liyas pure red!

Hope you enjoyed!
Post soon,
Love Danielle xoxo


Friday, 7 November 2014

Macs Velvet Teddy dupe

So, everyone and their mother is obsessed with kylie jenners lips, and when the information came out that her iconic lipstick was Velvet teddy by Mac. We all went out to buy it, but before I did, I had a brows through my makeup collection to see if I had any dupes and oh my did I find the perfect twin. Its the Collection matte lip cream in Cotton candy, and comparing it side to side with Velvet Teddy, you really can not tell a difference, the only major difference is the price! You can easily splurge on a £19 Mac lipstick or you can get dupe for £3.05!! That's a £16 saving which is why at the end of the day I didn't get Kylies lipstick, but instead went for the cheap twin! Pick up yours in your local boots store or on the Boots website!

Happy shopping!
Love Danielle xoxo 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Over night treatment | my skin care secret

Now that the crisp cold weather of autumn is in full swing, I like to mix up my skin care routine by throwing in a deeply, hydrating overnight mask in the mix. I like to do these weekly treatments when I know I have a long stressful day ahead of me in the morning. So once I've completely removed all of the makeup and dirt that is on my skin from that previous day I like to take a good walnut sized dollop of the Boots traditional skin care cream with A&E vitamins, spread it between my finger tips and apply it liberally to my face and the beginning of my neck, concentrating on applying it evenly rather than rubbing it in. 

During the night when your having your beauty sleep, your face will get to work by drinking up all that product and by the time you wake up, you will have glowing healthy looking skin. It will leave you with a thin film of excess product lying on top of your skin but that will come off with your morning cleanse anyway. The great thing about this product is the fact it can be used as a dry skin moisturiser or a night treatment. Now your probably wondering what the price is of my miracle product, but fear not its actually only £3.05 and for a 200ml pot it is cheaper than cheep. I usually go through one tub about once a year so no investment needed, and for that price it really is worth a try if your skin is looking a little dehydrated and it just needs a little pick me up! 

Finish this easy routine with your normal serum and makeup choices and I promise you, you will have bright, glowing skin that will make you look as fresh as a daisy!

I hope you enjoyed my skin care secret!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The battle of the beauty advent calenders

For all of us beauty addicts when it comes to Christmas time (yes I did say the C word at the start of November!) beauty advent calendars are on the top of our lists to buy, and because there are SO many different varieties to chose from what better way to make your choice than with my top 10 picks for this year!

1. Candy coated countdown by Benefit Cosmetics. £60.00 
As we all know Benefit hits one of the top marks when it comes to christmas packaging, and with beautiful, luxury products you can't really say no. At a £60 price tag you get all your favourite Bene-goodies including benetint, highbeam and porefessional. You also get some little extra goodies like note pads and hair bobbles in this hamper, so all in all a good mixture of things. But at that price tag, I'm not sure if I'm biggest of a benebabes to splurge on that much.

2. No7 beauty calendar. £35.00
If your a big No7 fan, you will adore this. It comes with 24 mini sized products with quirky beauty quotes inside each door. It's supposedly worth a value of £135.00, so if your a fan, I would run out and get it. It also comes with a mixture of items including their iconic lipsticks to eyeshadows and even includes a few makeup brushes!

3. Ciaté Polish calendar. £49.00
If your a nail polish hauder you might faint over this one, a house shaped calendar with all of the famous colours hidden inside, it also comes with textured polishes and even tools. So if you swoon over nail art, this is probably your sole mate!

4. The Body Shop beauty calendar. £50.00
As a body shop fanatic this really tickled my fancy, it includes both skin care and makeup. So really does cover all grounds, and the great thing about this one is they send the proceeds of every holiday product purchased to the War Child charity to help children in need get an education. So it makes you feel good about yourself whilst enjoying your Christmas goodies!

5. Lush 12 days of Christmas. £49.99
Now I know this isn't technically an advent calendar but if you love your baths and you love lush, I'm sure you wouldn't mind opening a door every other day instead. It includes all the well known Christmas lush goodies and some online exclusive 'retro' items as well! So if your a Lush fanatic like my best friend Lucy from vintagesmilesxox is then you better snap it up before they're all gone!

So once everything is said and done, my decision was a hard one to make. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on an advent calendar but I also wanted something exciting enough to make me pumped up for Christmas again. Drum roll please... At the end of the day my heart lay with the No7 beauty advent calendar. The packaging stole my heart and the fact it has makeup brushes in too. Makes me as excited as child of Christmas Day!

I hope you enjoyed my advent calendar post, but at the end of the day If you can't afford a beauty advent calendar (because let's be honest, they're pretty pricey) you can always make your own at home, which I'll DIY for you sometime this month! 
Happy holidays 
Love Danielle xoxo

Monday, 3 November 2014

October favourites

Now that Halloween is over and done with it's time to start singing Christmas carols and get into the festive mood. But before we do let's look back on the month we had and I'll share with you my hits & misses and my highs & lows. Firstly trains have been a big past of my month, I seemed to be on them more than usual and spending a lot more on them. Either way, train journeys really give me inspiration for blog posts so all in all not that bad. Moving onto the good stuff; products! 

I bought this beautiful makeup bag back at the start of October in a lovey little shop called Glow and co. They have a few dotted around the country and they practically sell everything, from candles to jewellery to makeup bags. Handy little shop in my local village! This medium sized beauty hamper was £11.00 and it came in a large 'wash bag'  size and a little card holder size. Also in many different variety of patterns and designs including cats, pugs and deer! So cute, and so handy to keep in my handbag!

I found this lovely little second hand hat in my local Barnardos charity shop. It is a dark navy colour with an adorable little bow on the side. And it's small enough to fit my tiny little head which is fab! I bought this for £6.99 which is a bit pricey for a charity shop but I just couldn't resist! 

Keeping with the clothing theme I've been really loving my black brogue shoes which I did by primarily for work but they are so comfy and they seem to go with everything that I might have to buy another pair to last me though the winter! I got these from River island for £12.99 which is a bargain!

Moving onto makeup and beauty items, there hasn't been a whole lot I've been really loving besides a few things. One being my go-to dark berry lipstick that I wear pretty much everyday. It's called Begulded by Topshop and at £6.99 its pretty cheap hydrating lippy. The other thing has been the Too Faced eyeshadow pallet in Boudoir Eyes which consists of 9 coloured shadows ranging from light to dark and matte to shimmery so an all round day to night pallet. It's on the little pricey side at £29.00 a pop but well worth it for 9 beautiful shades, in my opinion. My favourites being 'Satin Sheets', 'Lap dance' and 'Voulez-Vous' all perfect colours for the autumn/winter period!

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, now bring on the Christmas shopping and mulled wine! 
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo
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