Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Good night | My dream time essentials ❤️

Getting home after a long day at work, is probably my favorite time of day. I make this extra special and  enjoy it more when I can fully relax and chill out comfortably. One way to make sure your all 'zen'd out is to keep your place of rest (ie my bedroom) relaxing and pleasing to go into. I like to make sure my room is in immaculate condition by vacuuming and dusting regularly, and keeping candles handy and ready to light as I walk in. I keep candles at the high points of my room, to light the room fully without having a harsh celing light on. I usually light candles in the four corners of my room and on both my dressing table and bedside table.

Once I've gotten myself ready for a relaxing evening in my pjs, I like to make sure I've got all my essentials handy. Including 2 books one fact and one fiction (for veriety). The ones I'm currently in love with are all the Harry potter books (duh) and my 'bible' the Bobbie Brown Makeup manual (great read for both makeup artists and beginners alike). I also make sure I keep a ice cold bottle of water handy, because it's so easy to forget to hydrate yourself and wake up in the morning with rubbishy skin and the groggy feeling in your head. So don't forget to drink a bottle before bed! (But if you don't finish it during the night, drinking the rest in the , morning will really help to release toxins from your body and completely flush you out ready for the day ahead. 

Another item I like to keep handy on my bedside table is the Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender eu de toilette as a pillow spray. It's super handy to have especially if you have trouble drifting off, the lovely smell of lavender on your pillow sheet really helps me to relax and wind down, so it's a deffinatly essential for me!

And last but not least I of course need to have my Hello Kitty slippers on just cause the cute and comfey... No other reason really! 

Hope you enjoyed my essential bed time items.
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


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