Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Winter: Current favourite lip products

This is a shiny and new seasonal posts containing my current favorite products and today I'm starting with lip products! Quite a veriety of brands and prices, obviously as it's the middle of winter the majority of these are very moisturizing and nourishing. 

- Mac matte lipstick in Diva. As usual I'm am contradicting myself by showing a matte product that has no moisturizing or nourishing benefits in it, although matte lips are usually ment for the warmer weather but lately I've been going back to this beautiful purple toned lipstick as the colour just makes any makeup look, look put together. At a heafty price of £15.00 I try to use it as sparingly as possible.

- Revlon lipstick in Adorned. A lovely hot pink lipstick the is as pigmented as any high end brand but obviously at a fraction of the price. The texure of all the Revlon lipglosses feel more like a balm and they don't have that horrible sticky feeling that most drugstore lipglosses do. The price of these? £7.99 pretty good for a high quality gloss I'd say!

- Maybelline baby lips. Everyone and their mum knows about these bad boys, and I don't blame them they are beautiful lip balms with quite a good colour pay off supprisingly for their low price! My favorite colour? Cherry me, a gorgeous red tinted balm that stains your lips a natural red colour. The price £2.99

I hope you enjoyed this little post tomorrow I will write about my favorite eye products! And I will be doing this for each season! 

Danielle xxx

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