Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot in Let's Skate // Review

Hello my gorgeous readers!

Today I give you yet another review, but this time on a brand that everyone and their dog has raved about; MAC. Now all in all MAC is OK... even though I only have 3 of their products I just don't find them amazing. But I will go in depth about that in a different post.

So one of the items in my oh so minimal MAC collection was a recent purchase  I bought this little cutie when I visited London at the start of this year at the MAC counter in Harrods. (May I just mention that the Asian lady who works there is top notch so make sure you get her to help you out if you go!) I got one of the limited winter edition paint pots in Let's Skate. Now my first impression was that it is a beautiful baby pink with lots of violet shimmers, I thought it would brighten up my eyes during this very cold winter we are currently having in England. But when I got home I was oh so wrong, first try and first application I was ever so disappointed as this was my first proper nice MAC thing I owned and it just like crap on my eyelid. (excuse my french) I was even more disappointed that I payed £15.50 for this cruddy little tub and it did me no justice.

(Excuse my mighty chipped nails, I was supposed to get a manicure yesterday but it snowed! And excuse my just woken up bare face!!)

right - 2 applications // left - 1 application

So I waited.. a good couple of weeks until yesterday when I thought to myself "hmm maybe im putting it on wrong/ hmm maybe I didn't put enough on" but no such luck, I tried applying it with my fingers, a brush and a sponge and it still looked sheer but patchy, so I did a thicker coat, less sheer, but still ever so patchy. Now I don't know if I have a faulty pot or what but all in all I hate this product to the bone. At the counter I was umming and ahhing whether to get this one or Vintage Selection but glitter got the better of me so I purchased this one. I am so unhappy and I wish I saved my money for a couple of bags of caramelized cashews for me and my mum to share in stead.. at least I would of been satisfied! May I also mention that swatched on my hand it is not sheer or patchy at all and that there is a lot of glitter fall out with this product so mind out if you do decide to buy it! (I don't want to look like a fairy in the office MAC, its not quite the look im going for at work!)

Hopefully my next MAC purchase wont be as rubbish!!
Thanks for reading my lovelies,
Love Dannie xx



  1. Hi! I loved your blog.


  2. Hi! I wanted to ask, have you been applying this on top of make-up or concealer? Because I know that you're supposed to apply it on bare skin, because it's also an eye-primer, which means that you can apply other products on top of it, and it keeps them in place. If you haven't tried it on bare eyelids then give it a try, I think it will do the trick, paint pots are supposed to be very very good. :)

    1. Hiya! yeah I have! I think I have a faulty product because I have heard good reviews on the paint pots so I still have hope! :-)


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