Thursday, 22 May 2014

Makeup brush disaster!

As a makeup fanatic, losing or breaking a makeup brush is a huge disaster and devistation. Especially when it is your favorite and most used brush. I bought these beauties from eBay, from the recommendation from Gabbs ie Velvetgh0st on YouTube, they seemed to be great quality brushes for the price. And they didn't feel cheep like most un-branded makeup brushes. I had them for around 6 months when the worst happend, the glue dissolved and the brush hairs started coming out! My worst nightmare. 

After the unthinkable happend, I came to the conclusion that I should stop wasting money on cheep un-branded brushes and just save my spare cash to get good quality ones, such as Real Tecniques and Mac.

I wanted to write this little post just to warn you, if you were thinking of buying these brushes or any cheep makeup items. These are classed on eBay as 'Jessup makeup brushes' and they come in face and eye packs. You have been warned! 

Post soon!
Love Danielle xoxo


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