Monday, 9 December 2013

Mini Feel Unique haul {1}

Hello my lovelies,
So this morning I got visited by my lovely postman with a Feel Unique package full of wonderful goodies! First off I would like to point out that the sweet people at Feel Unique have packaged these products beautifully with millions of those styrafone nuggets that keep the products in place and out of harms way. So it was refreshing to know that my items where safely packaged throughout of their journey to my home. On to the products;

Firstly I recieved the oh so famous EMMA HARDIE AMAZING FACE CLEANSING BALM, due to the fact everyone and their mother is obsessed with the contents of this little pot I thought I would splurge on myself and buy the 100ml pot. Rrp £34.00 makes it a very expensive little pot of luxuries. First impression; it's a very highly scented balm of Moringa (obviously) so if you are one for no scents then this may bother you but for me it's fine, the texture of this balm is much different than what I was expecting, it's more of a hard soap texture than a 'balm' as it was described, but I'm very excited to try it out.

Next was the REDKEN EXTREME ANTI-SNAP SERIUM, RRP £14.75 250ml I'm super impressed with the size of this bottle as I was expecting something much smaller for the price, the scent again is quite powerful as is most of the Redken range, the texure feels very smooth and silky and I am hoping this will plump up my hair with moisture.

BIOTHERM BLUE THERAPY NIGHT OIL RRP £44.00 30ml (sample size) this was a sample I recieved from Feel Unique as one of their advent calendar freebies so I haven't done much research on this product but I'm interested to try it out, and I'm sure to let you know if it has helped with my dry skin I get in the winter (fingers crossed!!!) 

PLEATS PLEASE PERFUME SAMPLE RRP £67.50 £100ml (sample size) again this was a freebie due to the fact I spent over a certain amount of money. First impressions of this sample was that it was light and fresh but after wearing it in for a few hours now it turns out to be quite musky with a warm undertone, perfect for winter! I'm not a huge fan on it at the moment but I can tell its one that with probably grow on me after wearing it a few times, so who knows I may even purchase the full size!

Last but not least I received CAUDALIE HUILE DEVINE OIL RRP £27.00 100ml (sample) lastly again a free sample I got, this is supposedly a multipurpose oil for both hair and skin not something I would purchase on my own but I will give it a fair trial and again you never know what may happen it may be love at first sight!! 

So that's everything I received in my feel unique package if you want a full review on any of the products please let me know, and I'm going to be posting much much more! Hopefully at least 4 times a week! Yay! See you all soon, hope your enjoying December and indulging in both food and beauty products! Post soon! X

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