Thursday, 31 July 2014

My skin care routine | Summer

I think it's about time I let you all In on my skincare routine, before I indulge you all on the products I use, I'll go over my skin type and experiences! During the summer time my skin is pretty normal, sometimes a little dehydrated but no way as dry as it is during the Winter. As you guessed I have normal to dry skin with very minimal spots, I only get a few pimples here and there on a rare basis. I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect skin care combo with all these products to keep my skin looking plump and feeling sillky!

Morning -
In the morning as I groggily get up I like to take a large cotton round and my Garnier miceller water to wake up and tone my face, if my skin is looking a little rubbishy then I will quickly cleanse with my No7 Beautiful skin cleansing balm before hand. And then moisturise my face and decolatage with the Boots traditional moisture cream with A & E vitamins, to prep my face ready for makeup application. Another trick I use to keep my skin looking and feeling beautiful is having a large glass of ice water at night and drinking anything I have left over in the morning. 

Night -
Removing my makeup is probably the most satisfying feeling you ever have, and I like to make sure I go to sleep with no ounce of makeup on what so ever. I start of with once again taking a cotton round and my Garnier miceller water to remove my eye makeup and face makeup, I then again take my No7 beautiful skin cleansing balm (for dry skin) to get rid of any excess makeup, sebum and dirt left on my skin. Usually by this time my face is feeling clean but I like to go one step further at treat my face with the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and expensive luxury product that does my skin wonders. I end up massaging that on and the vaporising my face with a warm/hot cloth to open up my pores to let my moisturiser sink in. I then use my no supprise Boots traditional moisturizing cream to hydrate my skin.

Now if on the rare occasion I do see a spot pop up I will treat it straight away by applying a little drop of pure Tea tree oil to dry it out and make it heel much faster!

I know I don't use a whole lot of products but I feel I've found a good combo of things that my skin just loves! 

Garnier miceller water - Rrp: £8.99 buy here
No7 beautiful skin cleansing balm - Rrp: £8.99 buy here
Emma Hardie cleansing balm - Rrp: £35.00 buy here
Boots traditional moisturizing cream - Rrp: £5.99 buy here
Pure tea tree oil - Rrp: £4.99 buy here

Hope you enjoyed my skin care post!
Post soon!
Danielle xoxo


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