Monday, 19 May 2014


So, it's only just creeped up on me how long it's been since I've posted and how long it's been since I've cleansed my hair and body care collection. Over the past year or so my little collection has grown into rather a large one that I'm not proud of. Many of the bottles are unused, unloved and out of date. It's about time I spring cleaned and make my a product aura much clearer! Let's go!

Before ~

SO MUCH CAIOS!!! ('Your aura is pulsing my dear, are you in the beyond? I think you are!!!!'*) So much old, unused things that needed a good clear out! I made a keep and chuck pile and threw out all of the things that I really didn't need.

Goodbye old yucky ness, you won't be missed! All the stuff I decided to chuck were either, out of date or empty. If I had anything that was still in date and not empty I would of given it away, but as I did not, into the rubbish it goes! 

After ~

I've condensed my collection completely down to the bare essentials, and I refuse to buy anything until I've run out of said product! I love the feeling of my drawers beeing clean and organised. My aura feels clear. Time to tackle my makeup collection...

Post soon!
Love Danielle xoxo

*10 points to you if you know where that quote is from. 20 points to you if you read it in Prof. Trelawney's voice!


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