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Update | inexpensive skin care for clear skin

Since I started this little blog of mine a few years ago, I have done more than a few different skin care routines. The only problem was that they all seemed to be based around high end products. Which present day self can no longer afford (due to house moving and such!) So I thought I would switch it up and try a few less expensive goodies that were easily accessible and low in price. Surprisingly, I'm pretty over the moon with the wonders this concoction has done to my skin. My cheeks are no longer overly pigmented, I have no break outs and there isn't a dry patch of skin in sight! (Which is shocking as it is -1 here in England and usually my skin would go crazy!) So, let's get onto all my lotions and potions!

Evening -

Once I get home from a long day at work there is no better feeling than taking off all that makeup I've been wearing though out the day! So I start off with a few cotton pads soaked in my Garnier Micellar water and in circling motions, I removed most of my eye and face makeup. I usually end up using three cotton pads, two for each of my eyes and one for my face and neck. (RRP: £3.33)

Moving onto cleanser, in the evening I like to wind down with a cream cleanser that will clean my skin but won't wake me up with a strong scent. I've been loving the No7 Beautiful skin cleansing balm and a muslin cloth to remove any left over makeup, dirt and grime. (RRP: £9.50)

Next is a new step I've added into my routine, toner. I never thought I would be a toner lover due to my dry skin, but oh man was I so wrong. Toners can come in many varieties to suit all sorts of skin types, it's a great way to rebalance your ph levels in your skin and really prep your face ready for moisturising. You may just have to keep your eyes peeled for a dry skin one though, as they seem to be like gold dust. (If you are on the hunt for one, look out for rose oil in the ingredients, this usually is targeted for us dry skin folk) Happily for me I found one in the shape of a Glossybox goodie. The Kueshi pure and clean facial toner. (RRP: £6.00)

A few times a week I like to give my new skin cells some life with a lovely scrub. The one I've been obsessed with is the Body Shop tea tree scrub, it has very tiny vigarating beads which really get in there and remove all of that dead skin. It has a really revitalising scent which helps you to wake up in the morning which is a bonus! (RRP: £6.50)

Moving onto face masks, as we all know I am the number one fan of Montagne Jeunesse, all of their masks are to dye for and at £1.00 each there really isn't anything to complain about! 

Moisturises can be tricky at night, as you want them to be light enough to sink in but heavy enough to actually help your skin out. I've been really enjoying the Garnier moisture match for dry to very dry skin, it really replenishes the moisture in my face and leaves it feeling velvety soft the morning after. (RRP: £3.99)

Treatments -
I like to finish off my routine with a thirst quenching eye cream, which I've been using for around 2 years, it is the Simple radiance brightening eye cream, it makes fine lines disappear and brightens up my eyes by removing the dark circles. If a sudden rouge spot pops up, I love the zap! zap! zap! gets that chap spot treatment by Anatomicals. I can easily get rid of it in 12 hours or less with this duo day and night spot treatment, it's a life saver. (RRP: £3.89) Lastly I top it all off with a moisturising lip balm. I usually use any that I can get my mitts on, but lately I've been drawing more towards the Superfruits naked lips to keep my smackers plumped up. It doesn't have an offensive smell like most others and I can really feel it sink in. (RRP: £3.78)

Morning -
As I am neither an early riser nor a night owl, getting up in the morning is a pain in itself. So I like to keep my getting ready time as short as possible to get optimum lie in time. So I usually wipe my face round with some of my Micellar water to wake me up and moisturise with the Garnier moisture match for normal skin to prep my face ready for makeup. (RRP: £3.99) Because who would chose 10 minutes of skin care over 10 minutes extra in bed? Not me that's for sure!

So as a grand total my skin care routine comes to... 


Not too bad considering it used to be over £100! So it costs you just over £40 to have smooth beautiful looking skin! As you know I'm always on the look out for new goodies to try, so if you have any suggestions please leave them below! 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Post soon,
Love Danielle xoxo


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