Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Christmas preparations | researching gifts and decorations

I know we all hate to admit it but Summer is on its way out and Autumn is slowly creeping up on us. With that in mind, as the season is changing, christmas is the first thing on my mind. Ever year I tell myself to start prepping for the holidays early enough so I can be organised and not totally broke by the end of December. So, I've decided that as the weather is getting cooler, I might as well start now. With my trusty sewing machine by my side, I am ready to face the run up, to the thing we call Christmas.

Over the next 4 months I will be regularly updating you all as to how I'm doing with the progress of gift planning and decoration designing. The first step for me is to do some research on Pinterest, as we all know Pinterest is the home of all things creating, making and decorating, so naturally it is my first option. I have found some fantastic ideas on here and a few favorites that I though I would show today. 

Sewing is probably one of my favorite things to do around the holiday time, so I found this cute and simple tutorial on a sleeveless jacket, perfect for the cooler weather. (Via As sewing clothes is so versatile this would be an amazing gift anytime of year, which is why I can easily prepare and make this way before the holiday season. 

Another option you can do before the Christmas season are these monogrammed mugs filled with hot chocolate goodies. (Via Anything with a long shelf life would be ideal to make now. Hence why in the post you won't find any baking tutorials, only because by the time Christmas comes around, that amazing gingerbread house you made will probably be uneatable and have an unpleasant stench to it. Not something I would recommend for the start of September!

Last but certainly not least are these cute little 'pop in the bath' tea bags. (Via As a proud lover of Pinterest for many years now, I am surprised to say I have never seen or thought of something as unique as this! An easy diy for the people out there who are only good at hand sewing. I love the fact you can switch up this gift by filling it with anything that the recipient likes. For example, lavender for the person who stresses a lot or oats for the person with dry skin. It can be changed accordingly which Is great. Perfect for the bath loving person in your life.

So, grab your needle and thread and let's get this Christmas preparation going! 

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo


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