Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July favourites!

So it's come to that time of the month again where I share my highs and lows, best and worst, hits and misses of my month. And boy do I have some hook-line-and-sinkers for July! Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous but my skin and my happiness is on the rise! I'm betting that the sun and my boyfriend did the majority of that work! Most of my time has been mainly spent on Pintertest when I'm not at work (follow me here) which gives me lots of home decor ideas and most shamefully Christmas diy's. Guess it's never too early to start! Now onto my main loves!

Not too many this month, but some have been multi functional, ie spot the real techniques brushes!
No doubt there would have been a makeup brush or two in my faves! These two are my current obsessions, the buffing brush and contour brush which can both be found in the Core collection for £21.99 which includes two other brushes which you can buy here or from your local Boots store!

Another one of my obsessions has no supprise been the Harry Potter books, I'm currently starting to read them in order and I'm about half way through the Chamber of Secrets, if you know me well, this will come as no supprise to you as Harry Potter is practically my life! Can be bought cheaply on EBay or in your local bookshop! RRP: between £5 and £10.

Moving on to makeup and skin care, my face has been practically melting I'm this heat so light to medium coverage foundation is perfect for me, I'm in love with the Loreal Infallible 24h In the lightest shade 015 Porcelain (supprise, supprise!!) I blend it with my Real Tecniques Buffing brush and they are a perfect duo, this is now my third bottle! RRP: £9.99 Buy here.

Another love for the summer is long fluttery eyelashes without actually wearing falsies, and to achieve that I skeptically bought the Maybelline Illegal length mascara and it supprised me! The length it gave was fenomanal and for only £8.99 you can't go wrong, buy here.

Last but certainly not least at the end of the day when everything's all said and done, it's time to remove the glob of makeup and my number 1 cleanser is the No7 a Beautiful skin cleansing balm for dry skin. Beautiful smelling product that makes your skin feel so plump and hydrated. During the summer weather, I do have pretty normal skin (dry in the winter) but this makes my skin a whole lot plumper than the normal one. And with the Boots £5 skin voucher you commonly get I believe you can pick this baby up for around £6.00, buy here!!! Now I'm just hunting for a inexpensive cleansing brush... Off online shopping I go! 

Thanks for reading,
If you could recommend a electronic, inexpensive cleansing brush, let me know!
Danielle xoxo


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