Monday, 29 September 2014

My signature red lip!

When it comes to choosing the perfect lipstick shade for you, it can be a little tricky especially when it comes to the frightening red lip that has been ruling the runway ever since the 1950s. Trying to find the perfect red lip can be hard when you've got so many different undertones to choose from and not just that, there's also the finish to consider, so you have a orange toned glossy lip or a blue toned satin finish or a pink toned matte. The list goes on and on, so how do you pick the red lip for you? Well first thing you want to consider is your skin tone, if you have alabaster skin like me blue tones are usually your best friend but if you have olive or darker skin, Orange is probably the best. But that's just my personal taste. 

So my perfect red lip? Its a blue tone satin finish which makes my teeth look whiter and my eyes look more blue. And then there's the price, now I know what your all thinking, she's going to whip out a hefty Chanel price tag that only you could buy if your rich or willing to be poor for a few months. But fear not my red lip lovers, my favourite lip comes from a well known beauty brand called Natural Collection, and don't worry they are cheep as chips. The lipstick I'm rocking is the Cherry Red moisture shine from their massive lipstick range which all come in at a tiny price of £1.99 each. Yep, you heard me right, no need to spend a whole lot of cash on a lipstick that your unsure of but even when you are sure I'll still go back to this bad boy. It's my go to red lip and no fancy brand will change that!

Post soon!
Danielle xoxo

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