Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Officially an adult | Remeniscing my teenage years

So, as I'm currently sitting in a little coffee shop enjoying the gentle music and the sun shining on the green grass outside. I am in deep thought, there are 5 teenage girls next to me chatting and laughing about makeup and boys, and it makes me think how four years ago I was there in their position, not having a care in the world and only thing I needed to worry about is how long my hair could get. And now I am lounging here with an extra strong latté in my hand, knowing that this time tomorrow I will be twenty years old, it kinda scares me. I know that nothing between the time of now and tomorrow will change, but it's crazy to think that today is the last day of me being a teenager, officially. To be honest, my life couldn't be any better, I dreamed about where I am now. It's crazy to think that I was once a lonely, depressed teenager with braces and now I'm a fashion blogger working with high end fashion clothing and with a loving boyfriend who I am wanting to marry. I am happy, my life is on the high but yet I'm still scared to turn twenty. Why is that? Is it because I know now that I can't turn back and still act like a teenager if I needed to? Who knows. But I am going to try and turn these scared thoughts into excitement. I am older and there's nothing I can do, I just have to sit back and enjoy the ride of life. So to all the teenage girls who are sitting there, wanting to commit suicide for not being popular or for not being pretty enough. Don't worry. I was there and I got through it and you will too. Trust me, when it comes to the day before you turn twenty, those worries will not be there anymore. So enjoy your childhood while you can, and live your life being free. Just like I should of. So happy birthday to me, and goodbye to teenage Danielle. You will not be missed.

Post soon,
Danielle xoxo

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