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2013 Spring/Summer trend predictions

Hello my beautiful blog readers,

I thought today would be a perfect time to start predicting what the spring/summer tends will be. Now a couple of weeks ago we saw the golden globe awards, and to be honest the dresses definitely did not blow me away as much as they did last year but they did spill some clues on whats going to be hot in a couple months time.

Lucy Lui

As extremely beautiful Lucy Lui is, this dress did not suit her figure at all, I hated this dress!! The neckline is too misshaped, the massive bell design skirt makes her hips look way too big and the fishtail plat is very 2010. Although if she wore this exact print on a tight, figure hugging pencil dress with a high bun, I am sure she would of won the award for best dressed.

The print on this dress is to die for, I love how calming the light blue background colour is and it complements the huge floral print amazingly.

This large floral print is probably my first and most confident prediction, pastels are obviously going to come back in in spring as they do most years, but I feel they will definitely hit home in the summer. I can't get enough of this luxurious looking print, yum.

A few other lovely ladys who rocked the floral print on the runway:

Halle Berry

Again, this dress didn't wow me. The colour, print and shape of the dress is fabulous but the bust design makes her boobs look oddly shaped, where the print goes into a lighter pattern on the left side it gives the illusion of the left boob being much smaller than her right. Surly the desinger should of seen this when putting the piece together? Bad move on that part!

Ariel Winter

Before I start talking about that hidious piece of cloth shes wearing may I point out that her hair is beautiful and should of gotten more credit than it did.

Now, erh. This is discusting! The colours are all miss-matched the print looks like my two year old cousin could of drawn it and the tight sleeves make her upper arms look way bigger than they are. The shape of this dress is OK, not amazing but I hate the rest.

The only thing that stopped me from throwing up was her hair and makeup because they were gorgous, its just such a shame about that dress!

Sienna Miller

This print isn't as bad still not great but not bad, I adore the colours of the embroidered flowers and the shape of the dress makes her look very super model esque. Her hair makes her look 50 years old but other than that its a beautiful piece!

Although I like the shape im not too keen on the top half its shaped very oddly. Am I the only one who looks at this and thinks this print/fabric should belong as my bed covers? Just me? OK then!


The Second trend that I think will definitely hit Summer/Autumn the most is the very Gothic/Victorian style, we have seen this style on the run way of Alexander McQueen's pre-fall collection.

These were my favorite picks of the whole collection I love the fact they are all very mono-toned and it reminds me very much of the old Victorian church style, I love the fact the whole collections very dark and Gothic. And I think this will be another big hit in 2013!

I hope you enjoyed my predictions, If you have an predictions you'd like to make make sure to comment and let me know! Thanks for reading

Post soon! Love Dannie xx

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