Saturday, 26 April 2014

Look beauty review!

It's been a while since I did a review on this little blog so I thought I'd update you all, over the past couple of months I've been trying out a few different makeup products from the brand Look Beauty. Now, as I am a bit of a lover of big brands I was sceptical about how well these products would do at their low price and practically non-existent advertisement (of what I've reasearched anyway!) but never the less I thought I'd give a few products a go with an open mind and I was pretty supprised with the out come.

Foundation: Airbrush base foundation in the shade Light 1 -
I have a love/hate relationship with foundations as most of the time every shade is a little too orange or dark for me, I like not being able to feel any product on my skin once the foundation has sunken in, which a lot of them don't do for me. This is a pretty medium to high coverage with a very thick consistency. (similar to M.a.c studio fix foundation) On first application, the colour is rather light with a yellow undertone and gives the skin a flawless finish with only just that one coat, due to its consistency. Beacause it is so thick, it no doubt needed powder to set, so it doesn't smudge around all day. The lasting power is pretty good, with it lasting all day without smudging but all in all I would probably give this a 7/10 only due to the fact I personally prefer a thinner constancy and lighter finish. RRP: £12.00 

Mascara #1: Stretch factor -
I'm so so picky when it comes to mascaras, I usually stick to my trusty side kick the Lash Potion by Revlon and nothing will be as good as that one, so I didn't want to judge these mascaras by comparing it to my favorite as that would not be fair. The wand on this mascara is one I have not seen before, on one side it has a lot of short bristles and the other side there are long flexible bristles making it practically two different wands. The out come of this? After two coats it gives unbelievable length but practically no volume... RRP: £5.00

Mascara #2 Lash attack -
On the other hand, this beauty has a long flexible wand with an upside down, sturdy tapered end that gets the hard to get corner lashes brilliantly! The out come? Two coats of this mascara only is gives pretty good volume but hardly any length, so I then came to the conclusion of putting the two together would make this the ultimate mascara! Supprisingly enough together they make an extreme lash combo, that is a runner up to my holy grail lash potion, but at the fraction of the price! RRP: £5.00

All in all, I've been down right impressed with all the bits I've been trying and I'm dying to try out more, the prices are unbelievably cheap, the packaging is ├╝ber cute and the formulas are comparable to high end products! 

Hope you enjoyed this review
Danielle xoxo


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