Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Easy peasy cheesy pasta | Cook with me

Ok ok, we all know I am definatley no Marry Berry, but I do know a few quick and easy dishes that are perfect for students or just a lazy girlfriend like myself! This cheesy pasta is yummy and gooey just how I like it!

Ingredients and tools - 
(serves two!)
- To cups of gluten free pasta, I used penne as that's my favourite but spaghetti or tortalinies will work just as well.
- A medium sized sauce pan.
- Two handfuls of grated cheese, I'm using mature cheddar.
- Three table spoons of mayonnaise. 
- A tin of chopped tomatoes.
- A sprinkling of fine breadcrumbs.
- And a large dish suitable for going under the grill. 
Also don't forget to turn your grill or over onto 150•c (if your using an oven I suggest nudging up to 200.)

Process -
Obviously you want to start off by turning your oven on and then to cook your pasta (pretty simple). Once your pasta is cooked (takes around 10 minutes) drain the water and pop in your mayonnaise and tomatoes. To make sure it keeps warm I put the pot pack onto the hob on a low heat, once it's all mixed I add in 3/4ths of the cheese and mix it well. Now you can empty the pot into the ramekin and add on the rest of the cheese on top and the breadcrumbs. Pop it into the grill and eye ball it until it's golden brown and the cheese has melted completely. The out come?

An easy cheesy gooey mess, a great warming up dish and a great comfort food. One of my all time favourites as it's quick, easy and tasty! You can also spice up this recipe by adding bacon or chicken! 

Danielle xoxo


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