Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My spring/summer handbag essentials!

Now that the weather is warming up as we enter spring full steam ahead I thought it was long over due for me to have a good clean out of my winter Zara bucket bag, and switch it up with something a little lighter and more tasteful for the warmer weather.

I bought this little cutie a while back from Primark, I'm not a huge lover of their goods due to the fact the quality of their items are pretty pore. But to my supprise this bag has been in perfect condition for over a year now! I guess it's a guessing game when it comes to primark stock!

My first essential is obviously my purse, the one I adore using that I get lots of compliments on when I wack it out is my River Island holographic large wallet. I'm a large purse fan just because I like to keep all my recipts and cards with me at all times, this beauty has lots of different compartments for all your money essentials! And of course it's skinny enough to fit perfectly in my bag.

I next bring my Next tortoiseshell sunglasses, these are my go to sunnies that I love so so much as they fit the shape of my face perfectly and they are big enough to block the sun from my eyes! 

Next I usually being a bottle of water with my due to the fact I'm a bit of a heath freak and love having and drinking cold water.

Lastly I bring a mini makeup bag with me just to fit all my necessities in including the lipstick I'm wearing that day, hand cream and plasters, those sort of things.

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post! I don't take a whole lot of things with me only due to the fact I don't want my bag to get overly heavy! Post soon!

What are your S/s hand bag essentials?
Danielle xoxo

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