Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Warmer weather body care

Now that spring is finally in full force it's time to ditch the beanies and pull out the sunnies! A lot of people seem to forget about their body care during the warmer months due to the fact their skin is less dry then it was during winter, but nether the less, skin needs moisture and pampering 24/7, remember that guys and gals!

Although it's a little too warm for balms and creams it's starting to become perfect weather for lotions and moisturizing mists, so I have a few that I adore that arn't sticky and they all easily sink into the skin!

Soap and glory girly go moisture mist buy here!
This beautifully scented mist is a simple way to pamper your skin without walking around like a zombie for half an hour waiting for it to sink in! As the formula is so thin and runny it comes out in a spray bottle and one swipe of the skin and it's completely sunken in! Handy for traveling and on the go!

The body shop raspberry skin care range buy here!
A new range of body product launches are always exciting when it comes to the body shop, but when I smelt the new raspberry scent I was hooked! This range only came out yesterday so it's brand new, smells devine and pretty cheap for great feeling skin! 

Vaseline spray and go in aloe buy here!
If your not a big fan of very smelly body products but still want something caring and gentle on your skin for spring and summer, I really recommend the spray and go range from Vaseline. It has the same concept as the Soap and glory product but with a less powerful scent and is much better for more sensitive skin as it has more of a moosy texture! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Make sure you remember your skin care, it needs love too!

Post soon,
Love Danielle xoxo

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  1. The Vaseline spray and go looks like it would be so convenient to use, been so tempted to try it but not sure it's worth paying £4.99?!


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