Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How I got into YouTube and Blogging!

So it's been around 2 years since I started talking frivolously to a camera and about a year since I started tapping away at the keyboard onto this little blog, and I must say it's been a rollercoaster these past two years! I thought I would inform you all on how I actually got into the blogging and vlogging word, so let the stories beggin...

Since I can remember I've always had an interest in makeup and always enjoyed playing around with colours on my face and seeing what looks good or just down right funny! When I got to my 14th birthday I was already set on going into the beauty business but not until I turned 16 did I figure out makeup was my forté. Around this time i discovered the beauty world on YouTube and started to watch big beauty gurus such as Bubzbeauty, Mehganheartsmakeup and Juicystar07. Only after a few months of watching their amazing videos did I come to the realisation that I would love to do that... So I did! Although (thankfully) my old channels and videos are long gone, they helped me build my confidence infront of the camera and editing too! Only after figuring all this techy stuff out did I design my own little beauty blog under the name of velvet--couture, since then as you we'll know, the name has changed to something a little more appropriate. And I'm still changing it up everyday to make it look more proffesional!

I think the main thing to think about if your wanting to start a blog/YouTube channel is to practise, lets face it, your not going to be A* amazing once you've just started! You have to practise by writing draft posts or private videos and reading them/watching them back. Let a family member give you constructive critism as you know they will give you an honest answer and probably give you some ideas you didn't even think about! Make it unique to you, you don't want to copy something someone else does exactly otherwise it's not yours! Take a few ideas from things that inspire you, make a list or a spider diagram if it helps. Put all your ideas together and BAM you've got yourself a YouTube channel and blog. Make sure you've got yourself a schedual that you can fit in with you daily routine, like for instance I work 5 days a week, write draft posts in the evenigns and take the pictures in the morning. Then pop it all together and upload it before work! When it comes down to my YouTube, that takes a little more time. I usually film two videos for the week ahead on my days off and edit and upload them throughout the week. Don't start off by trying to fit too much into your schedual as it will end up more as a chore than a hobby! Do it how it suits you! There arnt any rules so upload once a fortnight and blog twice a week. It's all down to you!

Hope this little post helped!
Post soon,
Danielle xoxo 

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