Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bath tub hair washing | Routine

When it comes to choosing between showering and washing my hair or a relaxing soak in the bath, the choice can be difficult to make! Especially when it's gotten to the point that 4th day hair isn't acceptable but you need to soak away the day you've had! 

So I have found the best way to combine the two while still being comfortable and able to have silky shiny hair too.

I start off my running some hot water to about half way up the tub and then cool it down to a point where it is still hot to the touch but not so hot that it will scaled you head, like a normal bath would. I then take the best 'hair washing bath product' to plop into the bath and it is the Lush Ickle baby bot bath ballistic(RRP: £1.95 each). It's a great bath bomb that makes you feel like your having a luxurious bath but also won't mess your hair condition up when you dunk the back of your head in. 

You then want to proceed with your normal hair routine with wetting your hair down, shampooing and conditioning ect but then rinsing it in the bath water, and don't worry, your hair won't get greasy even if your rinsing it in the same water each time.

So that's it, pretty simple, I think the best tips I can give you is use the Ickle baby bot bomb and keep your water at about half way point up the bath so when you Submerge your body, the bath water won't go tipping over the edge. Also this is a great bath routine for children too, as the bath bomb is sensitive enough to use on baby's! 

Hope you enjoyed! Ps, DIY coming up next week and it's Christmas themed! Stay tuned!
Danielle xoxo

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