Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Vintage/Shabby chic bedroom

Hiya my lovely's,
Today I filmed a video about how to get a shabby chic room on a budget.
I hope I inspired some people to redecorate their rooms for the new year woohoo. You can easily find cheap, vintage decor in Charity shops, Car boot sales and ebay! Don't be affraid to get stuck in and find some bargains!

My tips -
1// You don't need to be rich to have a nice room
2// You probably already have the basic furniture already in your bedroom
3// Add light to your room (Candles & Fairy lights)
4// Add floral patterns/prints
5// Theres a fine line between clutter and displaying your things
6// If you like it - display it!
7// Add height to your room
8// Add vintage wall art
9// Add pastel colours
10// Just have one wardrobe
11// Keep it clean!

Thanks for watching! And if you have any other tips make sure you comment and tell me!
Post soon, Love Dannie xx



  1. Your beautiful and I love love your blog! I agree entirely with this post, I have a tiny room and constantly changhing it up and these tips were great!
    Glad to have found such a good new blog, I am a new blogger also.
    Can't wait to see more posts! x


    1. Oh thank you it means so much! I try and put my best effort in my blog! xx


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