Friday, 11 January 2013

Whats in my handbag? // 2013

Hiya my lovelys!

Today I thought id show you whats in my bag, I know this tag has gone round youtube time and time again and its coming back! So my bag changes as the season changes so maybe I will do a summer version when the seasons change and the weather gets a little hotter.

My bag is a dog tooth/ hound tooth print, I have featured it many times in my blog before so you can find more about it here, I talk about where I got it from and how much and things so if you like it go check it out.
Also I apologies for the heavy picture content!
Take a sneak peak and lets get started! ...

Its a medium sized bag and I feel it seems to fit everything in just right and without it being too heavy. As you can see I don't take too many things, just the essentials. I also usually keep a water bottle to keep me hydrated throughout the day but I couldn't find one to put in for this post, so just pretend there's one there!

Obviously, as I live in England it rains practically 90% of the time so I always have to be prepared for a downfall. This umbrella is from Primark and it was £4.00 im pretty sure they still stock it so go check it out if you want.

I got this pure for Christmas but im pretty sure its also from Primark, not sure if its still in stock but its a pretty simple purse that you can find in most department stores, It has lovely gold hardware and two places to put your loose change, as you can see in the main one i put all my receipts. My name tag is actually from my cousins wedding she had them as name tags around the wine glasses and they were doubled up as table placements as well, cute idea.

Vanity Items
I don't like to take much makeup/toiletry's with me as my makeup seems to stay put bar my lipstick and carrying a huge makeup bag around will just weigh my bag down even more. I keep my all time favorite perfume in my bag No'5 Chanel Paris, I am in love with the muskyness of this perfume, It will always be my favorite! I also keep my lipstick in my bag, obviously swapping it out with each day so I can top up thought the day. Today im wearing Bourjois Paris lipstick in 01 sweet kiss. Also, I keep a nail file which will come in handy when i get a split nail.

Notepad & pen
I like to keep my diary with me at all times just in case i get inspired with a new YouTube video idea or a new post idea for this blog! Also, I obviously have my diary with me to keep myself organised though out the day and to make sure I don't forget anything i need to do! 

And last but no means least, the most important thing in my bag, my keys. Self explanatory really! Got my house key, bike key and other key charms!

This is how I wear my bag! I hope you enjoyed seeing whats in my handbag!
Post soon, Love Dannie xxx


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