Thursday, 3 January 2013

First mini haul of 2013

Hiya, so this is my first blog which is super exciting! I decided to start a blog especially for mini hauls and OOTDs that are too little to put in a video or reviews and things that i would rather write about than show! So yay!

I didn't buy much today as I only went to my local shopping center and I am also trying to save, which clearly is really easy for me due to the amount of shopping I do, evidently. I went into lots of different shops but nothing seemed to tickle my fancy besides the charity shops! Some days I just go into a charity shop and find use for everything and have an eye to alter something to make it more stylish. Clearly today was one of those days! First I stumbled into the British Heart Foundation actually looking for books but ended up buying a bag!  I L.O.V.E the dog tooth print on this bag its very 50s/Audrey Hepburn esque! I can just see myself with this bag in the crook of my arm, extra large sunnies on with my trench coat walking in the park in the early spring, erh, to die for i'd say! And what a bargain at £5.00!! AND to top it off it came with a gorgeous matching scarf for free! Just take me back to the 50s!

Still trying to find some books I hopped into Oxfam and found the most beautiful skirt, now this is where my little creative eye came out!

Personally I wouldn't wear the skirt at this length as its not my style to I am going to alter it to make it into a shorter 'rah rah' skirt and make it high waisted for that very 40s style! I also love the print of this it reminds me of a mix of old africa and india. This beautiful piece is going to be wonderful in the summer time with a black bandeau and either nude heels to dress it up or white converse to dress it down and make it more caj! For such an amazing piece it cost me only £4.00 woohoo!

Going into the British Red Cross shop was my second to last shop I visited, in there a found the cutest little china dish with a beautiful whimsical design on the front.

 I thought this sweet piece would look perfect with my perfumes placed top as it matches my shabby chic style room perfectly!  

This cutie was only £1.50 so I couldn't say no!
Lastly I quickly popped into superdrug to have a look at the Kate Moss by Rimmel London matte lipsticks to see what what all the hype was about, I ended up buying one because everyone especially Leanne Woodfull recommended them highly so I HAD to go check them out. I bought the coral one called Rossetto/Rouge a levers in number 110, its a gorgeous red/orange lipstick which looks lovely with pale skin. RRP £5.59.

I also came across the Collection 2000 (which I believe is now called Collection?) Cream Puff moisturizing lip creams which I have bought before but it ran out so i got two more! In the colours Fairy Cake 3 and Cotton Candy 1. RRP £2.99 each.

left - fairy cake 1 // right - cotton candy 3
top - cotton candy 3 // middle - fairy cake 1

They are similar colours to each other but cotton candy 1 is a little darker which would give a more intense look where as the fairy cake 3 resembles the colour of my lips so I can easily wear it on a daily basis!

So that was everything that I got today I know it wasn't a lot but I love everything I bought and im glad I didn't spend all my money for once! (woohoo!) In the end I still didn't find the book i wanted considering that was the reason I went shopping in the first place... haha!
Anyway, I hope you all had lovely days too and Ill update you soon!
Love Dannie xx

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