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Best & Worst high-street products of 2012 Tag

Hiya everyone, so today im doing my first tag. Now I saw this on Megans' blog (britishbeautygeek) which she posted a couple of days ago, although I've only been following her blog for a short time, shes a lovely girl so make sure you check her blog out!

I thought this was the perfect time for me to do this tag as it is 2013 and I wanted to look back and see what I've enjoyed this past year, so lets get on with it...

Question 1-
What was your favorite high-street make-up brand of 2012?
This was such an easy question to answer and no doubt will it be anyone but Sleek. Now this may be an odd brand to chose as most people would go for Rimmel or Revlon, but Sleek really stood out to me this year, not only do they have very suave packaging the pigmentation of their products is amazing.

Sleek eyebrow kit in light // Sleek blush in Pixie Pink

Question 2-
What were your least favorite products of 2012? 
I had to ponder about this question for a while but I've come to the realization that i really hated the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, now I know this is a very loved product in the beauty community but unfortunately I was allergic to some ingredience in the foundation and it made my face and eyes swell up like a balloon. The other product that I was super disappointed with was the e.l.f cream eyeliner in black. I was so excited to try this as I fell in love with the Loreal Paris one, so I thought id give the elf one a go as it was half that price and claimed to be waterproof which it was most definitely wasn't, as it traveled half way down my face when it got to the end of the day, so not waterproof at all and It also dried up in the first week of opening. Not great products.

E.l.f cream eyeliner in black

Question 3-
What is the best make-up bargain of 2012?
This HAD to be the Collection 2000 cream puff lip creams, they are matte yet moisturizing and they stayed on all day even after eating and drinking! With amazing RRP of £2.99, you can not go wrong with these!!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip creams in Fairy Cake 3 and Cotton Candy 1

Question 4-
Show your best high-street dupe for 2012?
This is practically known by most beauty blogs but the MUA makeup palette in Undressed is an exact dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette, even the colours are in the same order! (Someone did a little cheating when making this 'original' palette) But im not complaining, at more than half the price I love this palette! RRP £4.00

MUA pallet in Undressed

Question 5-
Which high-street product did you buy in 2012 that wasn't worth the hype?
This may not be classed as a 'beauty' product as such but the Nails Inc nail varnishes weren't that great im my opinion, I bought the colour Elizabeth Street, now I thought it was going to be an opaque application but I had to apply around 6/7 coats to make it sort of opaque but still blotchy! I never bought another colour as I was so disappointed with the first one I bought, and at a price at £10.00 I was expecting MUCH better quality!

Nails INC nail varnish in Elizabeth Street

Question 6-
Which product wins your award for best high-street product of 2012?
And the winner is....

Topshop lipsticks in Beguilded and Infrared

hooray congrats to the winners, I love these lipsticks as they are so creamy but yet lasting and hides all your nasty dried skin on your lips in the winter, perfect colour range and amazing pigmentation, especially the brighter colours, absolutely wonderful, I recommend these to EVERYONE! RRP £8.00

I hope you enjoyed my 2012 faves I had to chose really carefully with these questions as most of them were so hard to chose from but I think I made the right decisions! Post soon!
Love Dannie xx

What were your favorites of 2012? I tag you!

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  1. That Sleek eyebrow kit looks good. I've been looking for a new one lately and might try it out :)

    1. Its only £8.50 and its really worth it! You can achieve strong, dark brows or just a light and natural look! Its a staple in my makeup bag! xx


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