Friday, 4 January 2013

Review // Revlon Photoready Foundation

Hey you lovelies, as you can tell im doing a review today, woohoo!
So I bought this foundation about a month ago in boots, at the time this particular foundation was very hyped up in the beauty area of Youtube and the blogging world, I purchased the colour Vanilla 002, which was the lightest shade in Revlons' collection. (although its number 002 was there not an 001?!) At first glance it seems like very high-end with its fancy curved glass bottle and a sleek black lid to match. It has a convenient pump lid which makes getting the product out much easier and very hygienic  The clear glass bottle is very handy as well as you can see how much foundation you have left, because its a pain in the bum when you suddenly run out of foundation and have no back up. Once I took it home and examined it by swatching it on the back of my hand and side of my neck, it seems its much darker on skin than it looks in bottle. Although im not into the whole orange face white neck trend, I still went ahead and used it to see what the hype was about.

After using every last drop of it I have come to the conclusion that it makes me look a lot like a fairy...
What I mean by this is, its so shimmery and glittery it makes your face look like a disco ball, with large glitter particles not helping the situation. However I was very impressed with the coverage, it gives a nice medium to high coverage which would be great for people who suffer with lots of blemishes. The lasting of this foundation isn't that great which is a shame. It would last on someones skin if they aren't moving at all throughout the day, the wind/rain/sweat does make it slide about on your face even with powder to set which isn't very nice to look at. By the end of the day my face was very patchy, still a little bit tacky from the application even though I did set it with powder and I also suffer from dry skin... when I removed my foundation with my lis earle hot cloth cleanser, it was very easy to clean off as it moved about on my face during the day and it seemed half my face didn't have foundation on it and the other half seemed to be very cakey. (not due to my makeup skills haha)

So all in all I would recommend this foundation to someone who has super dry skin, is going somewhere that doesn't brake a lot of sweat and where people will be taking pictures of you, maybe to a family party of something? Other than that I would not recommend this to a friend and I will not be buying this product again. It is was too shimmery for me and I prefer not to have my foundation slide about throughout the day. Pictures below. RRP £7.00 30ml.

I hope you enjoyed my first review! Post soon! Love Dannie xxx

Have you tried this foundation, if you have what did you think of it?


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