Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

So, it's that time of year again where everyone looks back and shares their highs and lows of the past year. For me, I will be no different to the rest so I thought it might be interesting for you (and potentially my future self) to review the past year. Highs and lows.

Unfortunately 2013 was deffinatly not my year due to the fact that I got diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety issues (more details on that on a later note) became jobless due to my health, and had all happiness taken out of me. I personally want to move on from this as soon as possible due to the fact that it takes over your whole life and personally for me I get weeks even months where I can't even leave the house without having a panic attack or working my self up with stress that I exhaust myself out. If any of you want me to do a blog post or a video about my issues then feel free to let me know because I'll be happy to talk about it even if it helps one person get to grips with theirs by relating, it's worth it. But on a more positive note 2013 was the year I started this little blog and my youtube! So lots of hits and misses! To be perfectly honest I'm ever so glad this year is finally over due to the fact how rubbish it was for me and I'm determined to make 2014 my year!

Looking forward onto the year ahead I have a few resolutions that I thought I could share with you all and maybe you can use these for yourself as well!

1: (obviously) Get over my issues. Now this is probably my biggest and most unrealistic of my resolutions but there's no harm in trying even if it's just getting out the house once a week.

2: Pay more attention to both my blog and youtube. As you know from Wednesdays post I did quickly mention about my new schedule and I'm determind to stick with it, considering I'm not doing anything else with my time why not put all my energy to something useful rather than mindlessly watching pointless tv shows for hours on end with a vacant zombie expression on my face in my pjs.

3: Eat more healthy. Ie fruit & vegetables and 3 meals a day, unfortunately since I've been home I've gotten into the rotten habit of snacking all day and never having a decent meal thus under eating. Which on a plus side has helped shift my weight but not good for my body and even my health is taking an effect from it now!

4: Start having a normal body clock and sleep at normal hours. Ironically I'm writing this at 1am but i know that I'll wake up tomorrow around 2pm which is a really really bad habit I've left myself slip into!! So from now on I am setting a strict rule of sleeping at 11pm and waking up at 8am (eep, gunna be hard for a night owl like myself!!

Hopefully come December, I can look back and see how well I did with my resolutions! What are your resolutions did you stick to yours from last year? Let me know!!

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Post soon! Dannie xxx


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