Friday, 3 January 2014

My pamper day essentials!

When it comes to pampering myself, I am the queen of making myself feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I usually allow myself around three to four days out of the month to take as pamper days! (Usually once a week... Whoops!

Now we all know that pamper days at the spa can get very expensive very quickly, so why not do it yourself at home for a quater of the price, in a familliar environment and just as calming as you would experience in a salon.

Here are my tips and products I use for a soothing day at home! 

- Run yourself a bubbly, hot bath; I enjoy using the Niels Yard Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath oil. This product is beautifully scented with the fragrence of seaweed and menthol reminding you of the seaside. It's so hydrating for your skin and due to the aromatherapy like scents in this genius bottle it really relaxes your muscles getting you ready either for bed or a non stressful day!

Making sure your all lovely and smooth for your fabulous day ahead, I adore the Lush Rub Rub Rub body scrub as it removes all the horrible dead skin revealing beautiful soft skin underneath, the menthol fragrence in this reminds me of the ocean once again and it's perfect pared with the bath oil.

A great way to hydrate you face during a steamy bath is to use either a sheet mask or a cream mask. One of my favorites to use is the No7 Beautiful Skin Hydrating mask for dry to very dry skin. This creamy pot of luxury will make you feel like a goddess with baby smooth skin (honest!!) 

- Moisturize everywhere, post bath I really take pleasure in completing my routine by plumping my skin with a bit more moisture. For the majority of my body my skin just drinks up the Bath and Body works Twilight Wood body lotion, a musky scented lotion that I lather myself with. Unfortunately for my UK readers this lotion is only available in the US or on eBay, so have a ponder around online and you might just find it.

To hydrate my face after a relaxing bath I love the Biotherm Blue Therapy serium-in-oil (night). Due to my ghastly dry skin I have to make sure I endeavour the best of the best oils/seriums (especially in the middle of winter) So this beauty has been my knight in shining armour and my saviour from my horrendous dry skin! 

Lastly (again due to the weather) I have to take extra care of my hands as they get cracked and sore easily especially when it's cold and windy so I love The Body shop Almond hand creme. As it thankfully does what it says on the tin, I now don't have to suffer from cracked and bleeding knuckles! (Hooray!!!) 

- Have a good book and nice cuppa! To finish off my pamper day I really enjoy cosying it up in front of an open fire with a good book and a hot cup of tea. My choice for today? One of my all time favourite teas Knightsbridge green tea with lemon, this box of heaven is my go-to tea when I'm feeling a tad stressed or a bit down. The herbal in this calms my stress and the lemon really does a good job of refreshing me when I need a little pick me up!

This book is one of my all time loves to just flick through and admire, 'Things a woman should know about style' by Karen Homer. It's a great beauty if your wanting something you don't have to give a whole lot of concentration with. But if your more of a reader i really recommend 'The secret' by Rhonda Bynes, this book is a great read and really gives a whole new perspective on life especially if your feeling down!

So that's all my pamper day essentials, obviously I switch it all up now and then and maybe in the future I'll do an updated version but for now these products and items that I find works best for me!

What are your pamper day necessities? 
Danielle xxx


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