Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday edit; January Sales

This morning I cheekily went out for a little retail therapy to have a look around the January sales! Unfortunately for me as hard as I try I can never be a window shopper due to the fact little things here and there always seem to catch my eye and I feel like I need to bring them home with me! All in all it was a good day due to the fact I didn't spend as much money as I anticipated but I actually did spend a little money when I originally went there only to window shop... Oops! 

So here are the bits and bobs I decided to spend my money on and their links!

- Yankee candle tart burner and tarts. As we have learnt I am an awful shopper as I buy everything so when my legs accidentally drifted me into the candle store I was more than thrilled to leave the shop with no candles. Alas I did buy a wax burner which has these gorgeous multicoloured pieces of glass infused into it which reflects the light, shining pastel colours throughout. A beautiful piece that I simply couldn't leave on the shelf. To go with this gem I also bought a few tarts; Honey Blossom, Honey & Spice and one that I am burning as we speak Merry Marshmallow.

- L'oreal Paris Mousse Absolute hair dye in the colour 1021. I had heard many mixed reviews about this product but I felt I should give it a shot and give you all a little review on it which will be up this coming Tuesday. As my hair is rather yellow from bleaching it once a month I thought it would be a good idea to tone it with a boxed ashy dye. 

- Deborah Lippmann nail polishes in Stormy Weather, Brick House and Happy Birthday. As I was mindlessly browsing through all the (super un-organized) beauty products in TKMAXX, I caught my eye on a set of 3 nail polishes by Deborah Lippmann in these fabulous colours that I popped into my basket with no hesitation. As we all know these polishes have a retail value of £18 each so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this set of three polishes at only £8!!! That's better than 3/4 of the price, you find so many bargains if you know where to look in TKMAXX.

- Benefit Full Glam Ahead set. This cute little set was once again bought on a wim as I approached the cash desk at boots to pay for my hair dye, those gifts at the tills are so dangerous for someone who has a problem with buying things on a wim! (Ooh, I'll take that and that and that...) In this set you receive a mini High beam highlighter, a mini Stay don't stray primer and a mini Bad Gal Lash mascara. All of which I've been keen to try so why not buy the miniatures to see if I like them or not, ever so handy! 

- The Body shop eyeshadow quad in Smokey Plum. Unfortunately when I went into my local body shop they ran out of this so I asked when if they would have anymore in, to my disappointment this was a limited edition christmas item. But to my luck the lovely lady serving me found an unused tester in the back that had never been opened and she gave it to me for free!!! Now this really is my lucky day. I first noticed this cute palette when Victoria from Inthefrow reviewed it on her blog showing off the beautiful plum shades and champagne shades in HD. So I knew at that moment I had to get my hands on this beauty!

So that was everything I got in the January sales if you want a full review on any of these products do let me know because I will be more than happy to do one for you! I'm super excited to try out everything I purchased and hopefully I will love them all!

What did you buy in the January sales?
Danielle xxx


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