Friday, 10 January 2014

Hair drying essentials for shiny & glossy hair!

For the past couple of months I've been a little obsessed with glossy, shiny hair and the reason to that is the way I dry my hair. Now regularly I do dry my hair naturally so It keeps it from getting too damaged. But lately I've been into drying my hair with a hair dryer just because it makes things quick and easy. As usual all the products used and their links will be down below. Pre-hair drying I do use the Lo'real Elvive re-nourish shampoo and conditioner to wash my wash my hair, the Redken Extreme anti-snap as my de-tangler and my trusty Tangleteeser to comb through my hair.

To start out I usually spritz my hair with the Aussie 'take the heat' heat protectant this beautifully scented product makes your hair feel fabulously soft and ready for the heat!

I then use my ever so old but still trusty Babyliss hair dryer on the extra cool setting and then taking a round bristle brush I start drying my hair by brushing my hair with the hair dryer curling towards me neck at the ends. 

I lastly take a hair roller to roll up my side fringe bits to curl them in and take my hair dryer and lightly go over it, until it's completely dry.

To finish it all off I take the Lo'real Elvive hair oil which is a silky, velvet textured oil that has an odd smell but once it's sunken into your hair, the smell completely fades and keeps your hair looking and feeling wonderful! So that completes my hair drying routine! Hope you enjoyed!

What are your favourite hair products?
Danielle xoxo

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