Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My bath time essentials!

For me personally I'm a huge fan of having a bath it really warms me up on a cold winter night and it's a great way to chill out and relax for a mere 15 minutes. Now when I can be bothered to run myself a bath (as usually I shower) I go all out, I pop a few candles on turn the lights low and use some really rich and nutritious products which I can indulge in.

One bath company I have deffinatly been converted too is Lush they sell the most beautifully scented organic and natural bath products that really do what it says on the tin. A personal favourite of mine is the Comforter bath ballistic which you can purchase here and if your unsure of how to use a bath ballistic they are basically these large slabs of heaven that you crumble under hot running water which created huge bubbles, a colourful bath and a fabulously scented aroma. To be quite frank I do buy this particular bath ballistic at least three times a month which can get a little expensive but it's totally worth it! 

Another company that everyone and their mother is in love with (including my mum and I) is Soap and glory which can be found in most Boots stores. I'm a lover of their body washes and scrubs so the ones I will be using this evening is the Clean, clean girls body wash which you can buy here and the Scub 'em and leave 'em body buff which you can also purchase here

Once I've finished day dreaming in the tub I hop out dry my self down and use the Girligo moisturizing body mist also from soap and glory which you can buy here. It's much lighter than a body lotion as it comes out in a spray pump, takes seconds to rub and sink in and still feel as moisturizing as a lotion, genius

Time for bed I think! Hope you enjoyed today's chilled out post, if you want a bit more of me head on over to my YouTube HERE where I uploaded a new video this morning! Happy bathing!

Danielle xxx

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